Friday, June 1, 2012

A Call for Printers and Giveaway announcement

So, the slow wheels of the real estate market grind on.

Through this lovely process I have discovered a few things.

A. I am 43 years old.
B. I will DIE in this house.

I never want to go through this process again. Being that I will "hopefully" have this thing paid off before Kaylee is out of high school we shouldn't have to move.  I know, I know never say never.  or die for that matter.  Or pull my finger in mixed company after a trip to Taco Bell.

We almost lost the house yesterday when the appraisal came back 10k under our offer.  Remember kiddies, the bank won't let you pay more for the house than it's worth.  So my awesome agent got to work and saved the house for us.  The owner was going to pull the house and wait out the 6 months for the appraisal to run out and ask for a conventional loan (they can ask for what ever they want with that type of loan - see dinner and a show - you learned something today - you can now go home).  So with a bump in the interest rate and a cut in commission fro our agent (can't believe she did that for us) we are now on the path to home ownership.

Kaylee is enrolled in kindergarten and starts Aug. 9.  We are really excited about the school and Kaylee likes the teachers.  She met them at orientation. and it's only a few blocks from the new house :)

I have managed to get a few letters out and have everything I need for the giveaway, but I need to wait until I am clear to move in so I can get the change of address cards out and have a definitive place to have stuff sent.  I really don't like to have mail forwarded.

So with that..  I need some ideas on change of address cards.  Here is a chance for someone out there to get some printing business from me.  I would like letterpress if possible.  The order would be for around 120 cards.  Yes I have a bunch to send out.  Like you guys didn't know that.  How long have you been hanging out here??

IF you could send me a sample (email would be fine) and some pricing for quantity, you to could be the next contestant on The Price is Right!!

Now for the fun stuff.  The July giveaway.  You will be receiving in the mail a postcard with a number on it (I'm getting my stamping hand limbered up).  I have over 100 cards going out on this one and the prize it pretty good.  So here is a sample of the goods.

So tell em what they could win Chuck.

Well Derrick, if they call back within the next 10 minutes they can get this:

This lovely hard bound Legends of the West book with cover to keep those nasty dust bunnies off of your treasured collection (bad bunnies).

But wait there's more.  As you are one of the callers in the next 10 minutes you will also receive this:

This absolutely lovely collection of stamps all un licked by the house Chesapeake Bay Retriever (you can find your own dog - or I'm calling PETA)

And if that's not enough we'll throw in this:

A full set of first day release of The Legends of The West postcards.

Now our offer would be an istillwrite giveaway with out an added bonus..

But Derrick, you've already provided so much in this amazing offer.. what else could you throw in??

I'm so glad you asked.  I've been searching high and low and I've found something unique.  something made from the finest fuax bronze that could be had from some third world country. (sorry no pics - yet) a Pony Express commemorative coin.

Oh MY.. you can offer all of that can you for that price!!

YES, I' Can and yet I'm not done.  I'll also include a pony express advertisement and a pony express route map!!

But Derrick, How much are you selling it for?? $800?

NO, not $800.. Not even $400.. Not even $100


I'm offering you all this for the low, low price of a stamp (well that and some paper, you gotta stick that thing to something).

So hope that wet's the appetite.  All of the pieces are there, I just need a permanent address.

So what do you folks think?

I get almost ALL of my addresses from Good Mail Day.  So if you would like to be included in the mailing leave your address there by July 4th.  I will begin the mailing after that.  There are over 100 addresses in that listing.  I have my own  as well, so this will be the largest mailing I have done to date.

There may be some other goodness included as the prize mailing will be around Sept 1st (allowing for respondents) which coincides with Gold Rush Days in Old Sacramento.  So I will be picking up some more goodies at that time.

There will be some secondary prizes, I have a bunch of coins and posters of the pony express to spread around and some pressed pennies.

Bear with me folks.  I just need to get settled in the new house and get caught up.  Remember if you send me something I will write back.  Just might take a bit longer than normal.


  1. I would love to be included in the mailing! But seeing as I have about as many penpals as I can handle right now, would it be okay if I just left my address here, instead of at Good Mail Day?

  2. I already have your so your Okey dokey. If I correspond with people on this site already - you guys are good.

  3. Is this the set with Bill or Ben Pickett?

    1. Yes, this is the same set of cards associated with the stamps.

      So this includes:
      The Legends of the west
      Postcards (first day cancel set) AND an still sealed set as well

  4. Sounds like a great giveaway! :D

    1. Thanks. There will be 2 sets given away due to responses. One for international and one for US. I have everything just need the house :)

  5. Just in case!

    1908 Azalea Way
    Rocklin, CA 95765

  6. You've got a very "cheeky" way about you! Fun stuff - thanks!

    P.O. Box 20061
    Cranston, RI 02920

  7. hosting a giveaway while moving? are you mad?
    well, I'm glad. because it's a cool giveaway.
    glad you're in the home stretch of home ownership.

    1. Mad - no, I've been tested :)

      And it does say that I will start sending our the cards after July 4th as that is the cut off for entry with good mail day. Granted I will BE moving but I will also have a permanent address. The change of address cards will be going out around the same time. Still need to find a printer/design for that one.

  8. fun, fun!! I think you already have my address (I still owe you a baseball letter!) but here it is just in case :)
    870 Meadow Street, Reno NV 89509


  9. Lynn Radford
    107 Marigold Lane
    New Brighton, PA 15066
    Just found you, via the post on Good Mail Day!
    Looking forward to corresponding!

  10. Hi Derrick! I found you through Good Mail Day- will be sending some snail mail your way!

  11. I might just get a letter out to you!

  12. found you through Good Mail Day...lover your blogging style, what a generous give-away! Good luck with the move!
    Dianne Carey
    1889 North Avenue
    Marion, OH 43302

  13. Hi Derrick! So happy you've found a house, finally huh? You've been sharing your story with me for the last few months and I, too, am on the dreaded house hunt now! Our house is on the market, the open house on Sunday, selling on our own! A dreaded process and the unwelcomed visitor called "anxiety" has returned. It's all a catch 22 - must sell before we start bidding as we need a downpayment. ...and our saga continues. I am happy and jealous for you at the same time! Offerning to sell it all and buy a camper to travel instead has been put on the table but a no go, not now, booooo! I have a letter to respond to but it sits in a nice taped up box because I don't dare let prospective buyers see all my cool mail...some might go walking! With that said, I will respond once my chaos settles a bit....and, my address will change as well! We will be writing to Kaylee because my daughter is really into making mail friends too! Happy Summer! Happy Moving! Happy Getting Settled!!! .....your friend Laurie in Rhode Island! :)

    1. Hey Mrs. F, Our process is far from over - we have a lender from hell and it's dragging on. We should have already been moving, yet here we sit. I am apprihensive to send anything out not knowing where I am going to be. Sure there is the forwarded mail but I really don't like that as the possibility for "lost" goes up.

      Good luck with yours. Hope it goes smoother than ours :)


  14. Hi Derrick,
    So glad you found a home. Having just put A LOT of money into repairs at my own abode, I'm with you on the "I'm going to die in this house!" Hoping I'm on the giveaway list. This is awesome! My P.O. mailing address is: P.O. Box 95, Carrboro, NC 27510. If you'd like the home mailing address, please email me at
    Postally yours,

    1. All of my regular folks I send/receive from are on the list :)

  15. Wow what a very generous giveaway! I stumbled apon your blog from Vanessas 52 weeks of mail at 4:40 am (can't go back to sleep). Enjoyed reading your post!

    1. need your address for the giveaway. "Almost" done filling these out - over 120 now :)

  16. Bring it Derrick! Got your groovy postcard today. Congrats on the move... leave the boxes and get back to your correspondence. That's what I did.

    1. the move is going to KILL ME. Kim is working. I finally took the last 3 days of the week off to get this finished. But the HEAT is a killer..

  17. So... I got my postcard and my number is on it. So... how do I enter the giveaway? Do I have to register or do I just wait till Sept to see if my number is a winner?

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