Saturday, March 10, 2012

Of Isaacson, Limner and Suess

I'm caught up, I'm caught up well for today.  The house hunting continues and I thoroughly hate this process.  But in this housing market if you can, it makes no sense in paying rent when you can purchase one cheaper and save 500+ a month.  You know more money for mailing stuff :D

Well after the MILK show posting I figure that I would do a nice short posting.  But I can't figure out how to do that because I want to get caught up!  (see opening line)..

So with that here we go..

Our first contestant is from Norfolk, VA.  Ladies and Gentlemen - Jackie.  Jackie likes to visit the botanical gardens located fairly close to her location. (postcrossing)  Norflok Botanical Garden, Norfolk, VA: A family of American Bald Eagles is among the 95 species of birds that call eh Norfolk Botanical Gardens home.

What I liked more than the card was the stamp that came with it.

Next up, Lindy Lu Lee (Swap-bot).  This round was Your State PC Swap.  Lindy sent in the Having fun in Indiana card a week or so ago and noticed she made a small error when she started receiving 6 cards in the mail to her one outgoing.  but she made it up to me :)  On that note.  If you are participating in swaps with folks, be kind and understanding.  Things happen, life goes on.  This whole process is supposed to be fun and not a job.  Communication is what we are all about so if you find a potential problem try that first..  With that here is her make up.

From a KOA site that reminds us "Remember.  It's not camping. It's Kamping".  Um..  No I'm pretty sure it's not Kamping either.  Camping involves a tent, stove, warm beer, lots of bugs, no bathroom in a comfortable distance and really bad weather coming in when the forecast said sunny and warm for the next week.  So there KOA :P

Cardinal - Indians State Bird

Seal of Indiana

Indiana - The "Hoosier" State is one of great scenic beauty, intense industry, outstanding participant and spectator sports and concerned, aware government at all levels.  Upper left: A covered bridge across a gentle stream.  Upper right: The State Capitol, Inianapolis.  Lower left: Inianapolis Auto Race. Lower right: Iniada Dunes National Lakeshore

Indiana: Nickname - Hoosier State
1990 Population - 5,544,159
Area in Sq Miles - 36,354
Entered the Union - Dec. 11, 1816

This one is from Hiro (japan - postcrossing) (no description)

Now on to Ms. McArthur, who reminds me that I might be suffering from a bout of CRS.  This is highly possible.

and for the last postcard. My fav of the week.  This one comes from Ms Keown, who heard I was sending "baseball" and sent me this before she even got her card.  Something nice coming to you ma'am.

Famed baserunner "Cool Papa" Bell sliding into third base during a Negro National League afternoon game between his club, the Homestead Grays, and the Baltimore Elite Giants, c.1943-1946 (1903-1991) was elected to the National Baseball Hall of Fame in 1974.

Now that we got that out of the way.. On to the letter folk!  The first if from Ms. Isaacson, who apparently takes you sending her ephemera a challenge (she told me so on the back of the card)

I now take it as a challenge to see how much stuff I can send her to play with.  Don't threaten me lady!!  I have gobs of paper and I know where to send it! (love the piece, THANKS).

she also sent me this.

Along with this..
which seems to involve some lady with a plate fetish and is slightly defective.

Ms. Isaacson also sent me a letter with plate lady.  She brought up something I need to address.  Not to her but something that has been bugging me since I started the pen-pal thing.  She states  that the thing abot having a few different (new) pen-pals is that I can't remember what I've already told you.  (SEE I'm not the only one that suffers from that debilitating disease of CRS.. Won't you give now??).  SO, I have come up with a simple plan.  I am a bit of a tech geek.  OK a big tech geek, it's my JOB.  I am going to start scanning all of my outgoing letters so I have "some" frame of reference.  See  simple.

and last but never least for this week is Ms. Limner. who has been kind enough to send Kaylee some really cool stuff lately.  Most recently was a cigar box to decorate.  To which Kaylee is using to keep her miniature animal collection.  That has nothing to do with the letter below, but wanted to mention just the same.  (hey you came here voluntarily)

OOOOOOooooo.. I forgot one.  SEE A DIBILITATING DISEASE.. won't you give to the CRS fund today.. Operators are standing by. Call 555......

This one comes from one of my Good Mail Day folks. Ms. Riopelle.

As I said in the MILK post.  I receive mail art on a daily basis.  I consider it an honor to have the people  to write back and forth to.  They are kind and considerate.

While there are people out there who send letters to women with ill intent, (I fully understand them being weary of a man writing) I still believe in giving folks the benefit of the doubt, and to see what "could" be in the human condition.  I still remember and hope for the days when I was growing up (yes there still are) places you didn't have to worry about locking your door at night, or even leaving your keys in the car.

Yes Virginia, there are still places like that and I hope to raise my youngin' somewhere like that.  

So with those thoughts, I bid you Good Day..


  1. Fair enough - i've been warned! I think I'm suffering from Chinese Restaurant Syndrome. House hunting is one of the most stressful things on the planet. I bought my first house 7 years ago and I intend to die here just so I never have to house hunt again. and I like my house. I THOUGHT about scanning my letters before mailing, but somehow that didn't help my problem.

    1. Wherever we end up, it will be our last house. At 43, I want this thing paid off before I die :)

  2. I was raised in Dallas, TX where you sure don't leave your purse in your shopping cart while you look at the bananas! I've lived in a little town 70 miles SE of there for more than 20 years now and it still shocks me that people leave their car running with the door open while they run into the Post Office! The difference between rural and city is amazing. Good luck on your house hunt.

    1. If I had my choice it would be VERY rural, however my job requires me to be fairly close to work (on call IT/Engineer). So while I may have to be in the city, the neighborhood is my call. May pay a bit more but I feel it's worth it for better schools for Kaylee. We have 3 offers in, hoping to hear something back this week.

  3. LOL. CRS needs a poster child. I'd offer but I'd forget to show up to have my picture taken.

    That's some great mail Dodson, D. Hope your wrists are over being sore. My neck wants a vacation. Wish I could dictate and have someone write for me.

    Moanday's Mail Bag is slowly filling. Good house-hunting, and a great rest of the weekend.

  4. What a lovely letter from Limner!!!