Aboot Me

Derrick Dodson
6325 Matterhorn Drive
Sacramento, Ca 95842

istillwrite1 {at} gmail {dot} com

I am 53, (soon to be wed)  1-14yr old daughter (Kaylee) and her farm :)
we have a few animals 1 dogs, 1 cats.

This started out as a way for me to show the kids in the family how to write letters/postcards and how neat it would be to get mail and converse with people from all over the world. Write a letter get a letter.

I can remember as a kid when I sent away for some crappy toy out of a comic book with my own money and how I waited day after day for the postman to show up..
I look forward to ANY mail from you guys. I will respond to every piece of mail.

Interests: office supplies, notebooks (field notes brand, moleskine..) Pens (just bought my very first fountain pen and still learning to use it). 
Photography, baseball (I shoot for some magazines).. anything really..



  1. Hello Derrick,

    So, I'm trying to follow the 3 steps to entering your giveaways--I'm following this blog, I've sent a couple of postcards your way but I don't get the 'Select profile'. When I started seeking out Pen Pals and such, the idea was to get away from cyber stuff, not sign up for more :-\ Can I still be eligible if I'm Anonymous?


    1. Alas no, then everyone logging in with Anonymous would claim eligible. I am very much still doing the pen-pal letter writing. Ask anyone who gets stuff from me, or the folks I'm ordering paper from :)

      This is something completely different and a way for me to have fun with a large community doing very much the same type of thing. I have actually found and expanded some of my regular pen-pals because of this.

      The contents of this blog (giveaways and such) have nothing to do with me writing or receiving letters /post cards/journals from anyone. Hope you understand.

      I have only asked for the reception of a letter or postcard for one giveaway due to the contents of. All of the others were "follow and comment".


  2. Did you did that by purpose?? "aboot" hahahaha...
    See I paid attention to details.

    Annie (NJ)

    1. That was intentional. See all aboot the details