Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Join AA.. Or how to Drink Locally

The fine folks over at Field Notes Brand have announced their 20th (wow) seasonal printing.  Just in time for October Fest?

I placed my order this morning.  They come in 2 flavors. Ales and Lagers.

They have the traditional info about the particular subject of the season (your choice of intoxication this time). and come with coasters in each three pack.

While I rarely drink, I really like the color scheme here.  Bonus (wish I was a subscriber here) the subscribers also get a carrier with their incoming sets.

Reminder.  DON'T WAIT.  The last release sold out in a week.  SEVEN DAYS folks!

I will be giving away a set of these sometime next week (after I receive my stock).  So if you would like a chance to win your choice of Ale or Lager stay tuned.  


Friday, September 13, 2013

Kickstarter or Helping dreams come true

How many of you have heard of Kickstarter?

1, 2, 5, ok a few of you have heard of Kickstarter.  Now  How many of you have actually pledged some of your hard earned coins to some neat projects on there?

The next couple of posts I am doing will be to some of the ones I have been a part of and some of them are still available, if that's your thing.

The thing I love about Kickstarter is you have a chance at getting really cool products as well as helping someone fulfill their dreams of taking an idea and making it a reality.  I don't think I have been burned yet on the quality of what I have backed.

Some of you received "unique" holiday cards from me last year.  This was from a Kickstarter project.

So with that the first up is a notebook.  I know, I know..  BORING!! Right?  Nay, Nay I say.

I received an email a few weeks ago before the launch of this project to give my feedback on the design and to peruse their website.

The product? Baron Fig. (click on logo for link to the project)

Some of you know of my deep dark lust for all things good with paper.  A nut for anything Letterpress.  But for me I REALLY LIKE my Field Notes Brand note/memo books.  Not so much a fan of the Moleskine books as the quality is spotty at best.  Don't get me wrong.  They are a fine notebook.  But the paper quality book to book of the same type is just not to my liking.  For a brand hyping itself on Hemmingway as a historical marker and having the book made in China with cheap paper.  Not my cup of tea.

Other favs are Doane Paper.  If you haven't tried it, do yourself a favor and order some.  You won't regret it. 

Now where was I?  Oh yea, Kickstarter..  So I was checking out the book on their web page and noticed something right off that had me all a twitter.  IT LAYS FLAT OPEN!

Without you putting something on it to hold it in place.  When was the last time you had a book open flat while you write in it?

Here are some of the specs on the books from the Kickstarter page.

I have pledged for a set of the books and if you are into good quality design and utility I would urge you to do the same.    Here is the link to the project if you are so inclined.