Saturday, March 3, 2012

Of Giveaways and the Cotton Bowl

Well, it has been a busy week.  Lots of mail and house hunting for the Dodson clan. (more on that later)

So let's see, I have all of the cards labeled:

And got them all stamped:

The stack:

Now I don't know what possessed me to do this again but it's all coming together and I should have everything n the mail by Tuesday.  I have all of my international, Canada and Texas (cause Texas: It's like a whole other country) cards done.  Nice stack eh??

Ok now on with the show.  Our first card comes from Tallie (GMD) in Bellingham. Bremerton, Washington: Site of the U.S. Naval Shipyard, it is also the gateway to the Olympic Peninsula and the Hood Canal areas.

From Melinda (Swap-Bot), Lincoln & Civil War Legacy Trail: Although no actual civil War battles took place in Alton, the historic moments related to the Civil War are embedded in this city's rich historic past.  Take a trip along Alton's Lincoln & Civil War Legacy Trail to retrace the steps of a young Abe Lincoln to the final resting place for hundreds of Confederate soldiers.

One for Kaylee from Swap-Bot:

and another for the little lady from post-crossing:

Blind send to me from Shannan (GMD): No description

From Lindy Lu Lee (swap-bot) who is Having Fun In Indiana: No Description

This one is from Vicki H:  One of her handmade cards of her own photo work (very nice Vicki, where o you have your cards made?)

and my second Where is Waldo card from the mystery sender!  Who apparently reads the blog (thank you) and wishes Kaylee sweet dreams.  And yes she found all of them.  

Come ON, how can you go wrong with a monkey on a card.

This one from Lucas (BHM Mailing), Althea Gibson (b. 1927), tennis champion, the first African American to win a major title (French Champion in 1956), Gibson win both the U.S. Open and Wimbledon titles in 1957 and 1958.

Now to the outgoing (yes I actually send stuff out to.  I found some old sheet music at the thrift store.

OOO, I forgot (not really) :P.  LIMNER MAIL!!

This was Kaylee's first mailing to the GFBC, You'll have to check out Ms. Limners site for that one.

And fo our final, final for the day, some lovely cards and some of my all time favs.

Ladies and gentlemen I give you kissing cow!!


Now I find one BIG omission from this recipe.  Where is the Cotton?? (and you didn't think I would tie in the title of today's post)

and with that I bid you Good Day..  I said Good DAY.. Go,   I set you free..


  1. glad my postcard arrived safe.

  2. Having just found your blog today and being a Texan, I got a real tickle out of your saying Texas was like a country all its own! Thanks for the laugh. ;)


  3. Hi Derrick, I received your awesome Babe Ruth card with the great stamp. I love it! Thank you so much!