Saturday, March 24, 2012

Krap fest #1 Winner

It's a short post today folks.  With to sick girlish type folk in the house and a bad wheel keeping me up at night, I'm just not all here right now.  BUT I promised a winner announcement for the garbage I want to off load so here we go.

I know, you've all been waiting with bated breath...

Per my normal selection process.  I wrote down all of the commenters, verified following (since I figured out how to actually see everyone now) and of the 9 that entered, only 1 was not following the site (part of the rules and I want to be fair).

So off to

#8 - Laura.  You have won what some may call the Zonk.  Or a HUGE pile of Krap is on it's way.  Hey, it's not like you weren't warned.

So in addition to all of this crap, you get a tube full of movie posters, a pack of really neat playing cards from a kick starter project I backed, some random concert tickets for your mailings and what ever else I can think of to stuff in the tube.

So with that it's sedation time here at the Dodson Hacienda. Night Ya'll..


  1. Are there more images of the deck?

  2. I wish I lived close by, because I might just head over to your house and give you some extra stuff for that box. I used to joke about going to garage sales and secretly leaving some of my stuff there. Never did it though, ut i'm very thankful for Goodwill.

    1. Now THAT is a great idea.. drop by and leave random stuff with price tags on it :)

      Just before the move as we start to go through everything in the garage. I am going to start boxing "packages" I am going to be giving away. Some of them I have offered to some folks. But do to the amount of things covering their walls declined.. Will be to someones benefit.

  3. I like that deck of cards Dodson, D.! Tres cool. I tried designing my own deck but my attention span wasn't up to it. I'm inspired again though, 'cause of you.

  4. The playing cards are made by

    they have a couple of designs being made and all have come from kickstarter funding.

    I have the americana sets I am going to be giving away with another round sometime in the summer.

  5. Oh my goodness, I am so excited. It has been years since I have won anything. I really look forward to receiving whatever you send me Derrick. Thank you so much :)

  6. Hope your gang feels better soon!

    PS: Would you be interested in taking on another pen pal? No worries if you can't, I understand.

    Take care,

  7. Oh, sorry! I thought I was following. Oh well, I am now!