Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mail goes out and product comes in.


I have managed to get a bunch of mail out.  Kim went under the knife.  Again..

And I have had a few companies ask me (they like me they really really like me) to review some of their yet to be released products.  Was this a wise choice?  That remains to be seen.

I have received 2 notebooks from Miro.  The notebooks are from their Felt and Wood series.

First impressions are this.  I like them for utility.  They feel nice to the touch.  They are functional.

I will be doing a very in depth review next week as I have been carrying the Felt notebook around in my pack and with me for the mast 2 weeks.  You will get to see how it has held up after being tossed around in the truck, dropped written in etc.  The Wood notebook might be given away.  Maybe ;)



The notebooks pictured above are the same ones I received.

I am also to be receiving some stationery for review next week.  Some G. Lalo social stationery.  This I am really looking forward to.  So folks, as I start getting these done the remainders will be up for grabs.

Till next time.


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  1. I will be taking detailed notes of your reviews.