Friday, October 18, 2013

Database Progress

So here are a few screen shots of the database so far.  Input welcome.  I can't think of everything folks and your input is what will make it better.  This will be a FREE database to whom ever wants it.

Main Screen

Website integrated

 Notes: Individual entries let you track incoming and outgoing.

I have one place on the main screen for inserting a scanned image of the letter.  I will have a place for a letter per note entry when done.  The "where did I get this pan-pal from" is editable and adds the entry for future use.  And yes I know I got the site wrong for good mail day.  Already fixed.

Like I said, this is basically an open source database.  You give a good suggestion and I will see if it makes sense to add it.



  1. OK so the comments section got all buggered up because of google plus. I have reverted back to the other as the google plus link was an accidents to begin with. If there are any more issues with someone not being able to comment please email me at istillwrite1 @ gmail dot com

  2. Oh lovely idea - and thanks for using a screenshot of my blog as the example!! :-)

    1. seemed to work out :)

      There is some REALLY cool stuff coming from FileMaker soon. Can't say to much as I'm under a NDA. So the database project is on hold for a bit as I want to make the finished product as good as I can.

      The changes forth coming are worth the wait.