Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's only a flesh wound..

No, I'm not dead yet.  Just REALLY busy.

A few of you know I was involved in a fender bender last year when someone texting decided that was more important than stopping and tagged me in the rear at 35 mph.  Her car didn't fair well.  My truck was for the most part untouched as she caught my trailer hitch and scooped up under me.  ME though not so good.  This is some of the reason for the lack of both posting and sadly writing.  I have been unable to sit and write for more than 10 min at a time before my neck pain becomes just unbearable.

Two weeks ago I received some injections in my neck.  I figure 60% of the problem has been dealt with.  Follow up with the doc tomorrow where we will figure out the other 40%.

The rest of this lack of  writing comes down to WORK.. It is concert season and that is keeping me hopping.  Being the IT manager, I get hauled in many directions.  We just upgraded/replaced our aged automation system at work and now I am repurposing the old servers and workstations that made up the old system to good use throughout the building.  This is making some people VERY happy.

This is giving me a chance to build a replacement server at home as well.  Anyone else want to learn Server 2012 with me :)

So bear with folks.. I'm not going anywhere.  Just a slight pause for life.  Get some kinks worked out and get the wheels turning a bit more..

Thanks for the patience.



  1. Hope you'll get well soon and be back on your blog.


  2. I have been stalking your blog and wondering your whereabouts. I recently had my right shoulder injected after having my left one done a year ago. It's nice to move an inch and not wince in pain. Continued wellness to you, Derrick!

  3. Good to know it's not something dire! Nice to have you back if only for a quick post. Thanks for the reassurance.

  4. Sorry to hear about your pain issue...but glad to hear from you...hope you feel better and better