Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where is Derrick and Life changes..

For those of you who are wondering "Where is Waldo?" wonder no more.  I'm still here.  Kind of.

There are moments in life that are, well, life altering.  One of those happened to me in late August this year.  For me, and the family a personal tragedy.  Life will never be the same because of the actions of one person.

I have written to a few of you as a vent and appreciate the welcoming ear and understanding you have provided.  There are some I desperately want to write to and explain but feel I might upset or anger them and don't know how to handle the situation.

Basically this is what happened in a nutshell and why I've been a bit absent from the scene as it were.

Drunk driving (not me - I DO NOT DRINK).  It involved a hit and run and an attempt at picking up Kaylee at school in that state.

There are many things I can tolerate from others Alcoholism and involvement of Kaylee is NOT one of them.  To boot, this person went drinking and driving on the day of their court date.  Again drinking to the point of blackout and cannot remember doing it.

To those of you who know me through my words and to those of you who may be reading my words for the very first time.  PLEASE.. don't drink and drive.  Don't drink around children.  If you need help get it.  Talk to SOMEONE!  Anyone!  If someone says you need help, GET IT!  You may be in denial but the people around see the things you don't and what you do to those around you.

If you're depressed, GET HELP!  If you are unhappy, find out what it is and fix it.  Remember that when someone asks if you want to talk about it, they obviously see there is a problem even when you think you are hiding it.  We see it.  We can't help you if you don't want the help.  Eventually these things will catch up to you and destroy all of what you have built and cherished around you.

If you receive a letter from me and I happen to bring any of this up.  Please remember that I mean no disrespect to you and am just looking for a vent/sympathetic ear and is appreciated more than you know.

Thanks for reading.  Not gone.  Just slowing up a bit for life's adjustments..



  1. I am so sorry this happened to you and your family. I have no tolerance for people who drink and drive, and put innocent people at risk. There is simply no excuse and I think the penalties need to be much stronger than they are.

    1. I agree with you Jackie. A drunk driver killed my uncle and nearly killed his brother. I also understand that some people self-medicate with alcohol and drugs. My father was a Vietnam vet who drank himself to death. Agent Orange helped.

      I cannot imagine deliberately wanting to have a hangover every day. My best friend in Colorado was a functioning alcoholic. She stopped drinking the day she found out she was pregnant. She drank to numb her painful life. Her father committed suicide. Love for her unborn child was her detox.

  2. Dodson, I'm confused. Someone hit your daughter???

    1. Nothing happened to Kaylee. The person got picked up on a DUI before that could happen. Timing is everything.

    2. I'm so relieved. Thank goodness nothing happened. To anyone!

  3. Sorry to hear that. I hope Kaylee is fine now. Drunk drive is not something tolerable as it puts other people in danger.

  4. I'm a freshman in college and have seen enough binge drinking and problem drinking in three months to last me a lifetime. What an absolute waste of time and money, not to mention the fact that every person on campus is taking phone pictures of every stupid things everyone does, and all that gets immediately posted onto a social network...

    I hope your daughter is well, and whatever drama is playing out doesn't affect her.

    I hesitated to post a reply, thinking I should write a more personal note to you through the mail, but then realized other readers of your blog might be in the same position I am, i.e., I just don't understand what happened. Of course it's really none of my, our, the World's business, but you have rather put it all out there and we engineering majors do like all the details neatly and tidily organized.

    Best regards,

  5. Richard, or anyone else for that matter. If you would like the whole story.. Write me. I have found writing about this incident has been very liberating and quite therapeutic. Load off the shoulders and all of that.