Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I, I, I, I Got the Rona..

 Well, Rona FINALLY got me.  Not to bad (your mileage may vary). Vaccinated?  YUP, and then some - 4 shots loaded.

We will NOT get into any debates on science here.  The shots were always meant to keep you vertical and NOT in the hospital.  So in that respect, mission accomplished.  For the most part, I (started) with heavy fatigue and headaches.  Progressing to really bad headaches/body aches, to feeling like I was swallowing razor blades and now down to a really lingering cough (all told in week 2.5 now) but getting better daily.

Sleep is my friend.  

Is he writing again.  Yup, catching up and have 2 out today alone.  Wanted to make sure I'm not passing along the Vid.  Thought you'd all appreciate that!

So what are we all reading lately.  I mostly stick to chick-lit.  Why, because I' a big girl that's why.  Love the happy endings.  Same reason I watch Rom-Coms.

Some suggestions of late:

Love Hypthesis by Ali Hazelwood

Very Sincerely yours by Kerry Winfrey (also check out Waiting for Tom Hanks)

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle - I laughed out loud with this one.

Party Crasher - Sophie Kinsella (couldn't get into this one - Rare for one of her books) 

That's all for now folks..Till next round.


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