Wednesday, December 12, 2012


Just in time for Christmas viewing.  I have 2 (two) movies available for a digital giveaway.

Simple enough.

1. Follow the site.
2. Leave a comment

Now comes the part where you have to read.  Come on you didn't really think it would be that easy.  You folks have read this site enough to know it could never be that easy.  So somewhere in this diatribe you will find some kind of phrase to put in the comment area like "squirty tushy thing"  or maybe " no not the reindeer poo, I've been good".

I am truly hoping to get my Santa letters today so I can post them for you all to see.  Remember there is still time to have Sarah Hanna make them and still have them received before the day of doom with your little ones.

Don't forget the stationery giveaway I'm hosting for hitting my first year on the air.  You have until January 1st to get entered.  Make sure to READ the instructions.  I had to sent in that missed the instructions.  Can't say who they were, but I have to play fair.  So up for grabs a box of Original Crown Mill (50 envelopes and 100 sheets of Laid paper in Cream)

"The crisp laid finish paper, known as the Original Crown Mill, replicates a 17th century handmade writing sheet, commissioned by Charles II and made by the monks of La Hulpe Monastery in Belgium. Since 1870, the venerable Belgian company, Pelletier, has replicated this sheet in a classic line of cards, sheets, and lined envelopes. While remaining faithful to their classic stationery line, Pelletier has recently introduced several innovative, contemporary lines. They are made with the same quality, elegance, and attention to packaging detail that has made Original Crown Mill stationery the staple of every fine paper department in Europe and beyond."
and as a second prize a package of Arpa handmade paper (4.25" x 6.5" larger note size in either salmon or pink).

"What is unique to Arpa papermaking is a commitment to producing a consistent, quality handmade paper of beauty in reliable stocking quantities. Special attention has been taken to ensure the reliability of the lovely natural colors, surface texture and archival purity of the papers from one batch to the next.

Arpa handmade papers are made of pure cotton and linen. The labor intensive process of preparing, pressing and drying the pulp to make the papers is done with the same traditional tools that papermakers have used in Spain for hundreds of years. "

Now back to that phrase to put into the comments thing go with the second one.  Where you paying attention?  

Up for grabs, the digital downloads for TED, and The Bourne Legacy.

Thanks for playing.  Winner selected on Friday the 21st. So watch for the announcement next Friday when I will announce and request your email address so I can send you the codes to download from the Universal site.




  1. If I'm one of those people who didn't meet the requirements for your contest, it's because I'm just sending you mail 'cause you sent me mail, and I hope that will continue.

    1. had to do with a response in the mail received (for the stationery). Are you kidding I love getting your Kards. Kaylee is loving the dino track right now :)

  2. I'm paying lots of attention! (So much attention that I even noticed the spelling error you hid there... Sorry, I couldn't help it ;-) By the way: No not the reindeer poo, I've been good) But if I put the phrase here now, I'll be making life easier for all the others. Oh well. I have to admit, I was a bit confused at first - but then I figured that you wouldn't want us to put "I have 2 (two) movies available for a digital giveaway." down here, would you?
    Eeks, I just saw - internet won't be available to myself on Dec 21st. Or maybe I'll have to see if I can get to my cousins house in the evening - because my grandma who's celebrating her 80 birthday that weekend for sure doesn't have internet at all. So we'll see where that goes. In the odd chance of winning my email can be found on my blog as well (
    I hope you are doing well!
    What are you getting Kaylee for Christmas? A startet set for letter writing?
    All the best and take care!

    1. Kaylee is getting animals for Christmas, a large elephant (matching the rest of her jungle set) and a large pony she has been lusting after and plays with EVERY single time we go into pottery barn kids. Along with the letter I will post when it gets here.. All kind of ties in together.

  3. Hidey ho neighbor... no not the reindeer poo. Almost rhymed on that one. Ok so not really. Oo oo me me. Hope your day is hoppin. Is there Internet at the end of the world? Just checking because I am hoping there is movies otherwise it will be boring. But I will be checking in on the 21st as long as we are still here. Anywho...