Sunday, December 23, 2012

Twas the night before the night before Christmas..

One of Kaylee's favorite books.  We have bee reading it nightly for the past few weeks and OH how it hits home.

Now onto the Santa letter I had done by Sarah Hanna.  This was one of the best $25 purchases I have made.

Kaylee will be getting this little gem in the morning.

Yes there is another she will have waiting for her later in the day/evening when I can hide it from her or  Kim can get her out of the house.  As many of you know, those of you who have been reading for awhile.  Kaylee has a bit of an issue with animals stuffed or otherwise. Her favorites are the squishy bugs/lizards/dragons you can find in the $1.00 area at walmart or CVS type places.

What I like about Sarah's letters is you have free reign of the letter (there is a word count limit, I really, you're not going to get a 4 page letter in here).  I have 2 versions for Kaylee. This one and the normal "Hi Kaylee, I'm going to be in your neck of the woods" type of letter.  The gold seal was a winner for me as well.  No sticky seal here.  Pure waxy like substance on a nice watermarked linen paper.

So for those of you who might want to prod your kid into cleaning out the closet (not trapped in the closet), give one of these a shot.  Heck you might want to have some laying around throughout the year for a little attitude cleaning adjustment.  Get em while you can with what you can :)



  1. How did the santa letters go over? Nosey minds want to know. :)

    1. VERY MUCH the hit. So Christmas Eve morning "santa" left letter 1 (the one above) in the tree. Kaylee has been checking the tree every morning (at 4am). She found it, daddy read it to her and she "attempted" a cleaning of her floor. Went in and hopped into bed with us. While daddy was cleaning her bedding, placement of letter 2 happened. I went back to bed.

      She said I think I heard something, hopped out of bed dawning the man down light (headlamp for camping) and ran to the living room. DADDY THERE'S something here! COME HERE. Enter letter 2. After that she kept checking the tree every 15 min for an hour till she figured it was safe to go back to sleep.