Sunday, November 17, 2013

Giveaway entry time!! and updates.

Alrighty then folks.  It's that time of the year to start getting ready for next months giveaway.

Last year I gave away some nice stationery (or I thought so).  Some Original Crown Mill letter sets and some Arpa letter sets.

Work on the database is progressing and hope to have it better nailed down come the first of the year.  Let's face it folks, right now during this season we ALL are bombarded from every direction for our time.

This being my second year and really up on the amount of people who continue to read my sporadic musings I have decided this will be a good one for the readers/scanners/lurkers of my fair blog.

So what is on the block this time you say?  Could it be that cheese straightener I've read so much about?  Is it that book on how to reuse toilet paper? Nay!  It is non other that the crap listed below.

Field Notes colors (I have a bunch) America the Beautiful, or  Lager and Ale  These are from the color subscriptions.

From Kickstarter - The NOCK Co. Pen Cases - I ordered the whole lot.  I will be parting with the ones I cannot find a use for.  The Delivery will be when I get them.

From Kickstater - Rainbow Pencils  Waiting on them.

From Kickstater - Kreate-a-lope  (C6 envelopes - for a5 paper both the envi and liner templates)

Kickstarter - The Wrylon Robotics Field Guides (3 books GREAT artwork)

J. Herbin -  Wooden Collectors dip Pen set (this is the big one)

J Herbin Box Set - 'A la Perle des Encres'

A truly excellent combination of old world expertise, this gift set is a timeless piece for any writing enthusiast. It is presented in a lovely wood box and contains 1 nib holder, 5 different stainless steel nibs and 1 bottle of ink.
For the traditionalist, the Brause (Made in Germany) Stainless steel nibs are among the world's finest for a dip-pen writing experience. This set has 5 different types - Iserlohn 50, Brause Cito-Fein Iserlohn, Brause No. 361 Iserlohn, Brause No. 85 Iserlohn, Brause No. 65 Iserlohn.
They are complemented by 30ml of Violet J Herbin Ink (Made in France) and a nib holder.


  • CONTENTS: 1 Wood Box / 1 Nib Holder / 1 Bottle of Ink / 5 Nibs
  • SIZE: Box is 245mm x 85mm x 57mm / Nib Holder is 200mm long /Ink Bottle has 30ml
  • MATERIALS: Wood Box / Stainless Steel Nibs
  • SOURCE: Nibs Made in Germany / Box, Ink, Holder Made in France
Now, good news bad news.  Being what it would cost me to send some of these items I have to keep some of this North America.  If the folks overseas want to enter, it will be for the lighter objects (notebooks, Nock pen case) the Herbin box would cost me almost as much to send as what I bought it for.

Now you all know that I can't just have you do something easy like "leave a comment to enter"  that's just to easy and boring.  So what could it be this go round?  Pc's?  Letters? That recipe for sugar free/low carb tapioca? (I would love that one by the way). NO! 

What is required this time is a holiday/Christmas/Kwanzaa/Bah Humbug/Festivus or some other type of "this time of year" card.  I am not a religious person but I am not going to knock any type of card sent.  Please note  ALL CARDS SENT WILL BE POSTED ON THE BLOG.  Translation = keep it clean.  Not a prude and I love humorous cards just keep it family oriented.

I've been working on mine and they are coming along pretty well.  Depending on the time available, they get a better treatment.  Doing a bunch of swap-bot stuff right now for Christmas cards.  Think I'm approaching the 60 cards mark this week alone.

This will be a rolling giveaway. You only need ONE entry, if you are not pulled in that week, it just rolls on to the next one.  I will start the disbursements every week on Friday in December.  Final one (Herbin box) on Jan 1.  Each card that comes in will be stamped with a number for the draw by the standard pull.  Each card/envelope must have the words "buddy holly" somewhere on there does not have to be on both but one of either.  See this is my normal were you paying attention part of the giveaway.

So with that 


  1. Exciting! I've been a long time lurker of your blog and this year I decided to get back to my roots of sending out holiday cards :) This comes as a perfect challenge for me, thank you :)

  2. I love this challenge. Oh, I also liked the postcard you sent me a couple of weeks ago.

  3. This is a great give-away! My card(s) will be in the mail...

  4. This is so great :) Just to be sure, storebought christmas cards are ok, right? Because I don't have a fancy Christmas sweater to wear and make a fun photo with my (inexistent) cat... :) Also, is it one card each week or is one good for all weeks?
    Take care!

    1. They can be anything, ATC, a hankie (clean), something your kid drew in kindergarten, the cover off of the funfetti box, the lid off the danish cookie tin..

    2. You only need ONE entry, if you are not pulled in that week, it just rolls on to the next one.

  5. This is great, Derrick! Even if I don't win anything, it will be fun to see all the cards!

  6. This sounds wonderful! I am so very excited! My card is on its way to you!! Thanks so much for this opportunity!!

  7. Thanks for the giveaway.

    Annie (NJ)

    Okay I will try to send a "family oriented card" hahaha.

  8. I'm sending a card off tomorrow :) I would so LOVE the kreate-a-lope thing - I mean, I know I can just cut them the normal way with scissors and a ruler, but that's just way cooler and faster and easier.
    hope you're well!