Friday, November 22, 2013

And their out of the gate.

Well I got the very first entry into next months giveaway.  What a good way to start  it off..

I go home for lunch to find this little morsel in my mailbox.

 I open it up to find this wonderful card.

 Completed entry.  And check it out she sent diabetes with the card :)

Sure, send the guy who just had gastric bypass cookies..  Cruel joke?  NA  Kim and Kaylee will be sure to polish them off before I get back home.  Can I be bought.  You betcha!  For being the very first entry.. Jerilyn will be receiving..

This.. The brand new subscription addition from Field Notes.  I should be receiving my shipment soon.  So be on the lookout Jerilyn.  Thank you very much for the card and continued sugar dependency for Kaylee.



  1. :0 Oops! So sorry for the sugar. That was quite insensitive of me. I do hope somebody in your immediate environment got to enjoy them. :) I'm looking forward to those field notes.

    1. Not a big deal. I had 2 and the rest were inhaled after that. Kim and Kaylee thank you :)