Monday, December 2, 2013

First week giveaway coming

This Friday will be the first weeks giveaway.  Four more days to get something in for your entry.

I have 9 entries so far and I will be posting all of the entries on Friday this week.  Lot's of nice mail received.

To those of you who confetti bombed me.  I know who you are and where you live :P

On a side note.  I received my shipment from Field Notes today.  These new books they put out for the Winter set are just beautiful.  The gradient is on both the outer and inner covers.

JarieLyn, they are on their way in the morning.

Till Friday..



  1. Thanks, Derrick. I'm looking forward to receiving it. Have a fabulous week.

  2. Hi Derick, something great to look forward to beside three days til the weekend...

  3. hahahahahaha.
    Annie NJ...I hope I am not the only one.