Monday, December 16, 2013

Karas Kustoms and a new Kickstarter..

The FINE folks over at Karas Kustoms are at it again.  Only this time they are making FOUNTAIN PENS.  And they look PURDY..

Seriously, they had me at Field Notes.  (and Doane Paper)  These pens look absolutely beautiful.

If they are anything like the RETRAKT- A Custom Machined "Click" Pen which is now on my person all the time, I cannot wait to get my big paws on these.

I selected the $125 point which gets me a fountain pen and roller ball set.  The orange above looks pretty spiffy eh?

Check them out here. Karas Kustoms Kickstarter


  1. strangely my previous comment disappeared. I featured the card that I made (and mailed to ) you on my blog and also put a link here. I hope you like it.

    1. You comment/post is right were you left it :)

    2. strange! thank you for your response.