Tuesday, December 24, 2013

Philately, the iPad and you.. Post 100

Are you interested in stamps?  Do you have an iPad, iPhone or other apple device?

Check out this little gem I just came across.

99 Stamps

99 Stamps

How old is Santa Claus? How tall is the world's largest snowman? How is New Year celebrated on Christmas Island?? 99 Stamps App will answer these questions and you will definitely surprise your friends or astonish your kids with all these fun and interesting facts.

99 Stamps App is a whole new approach to philately and self education for the curious minds. Each stamp is a reflection of different events and facts with text description. You won't be able to stop until all the collections are studied.

There were times, when a rare family was not collecting stamps, everyone did. We grew up and our interests have changed but passion for learning new things remained as strong as when we were younger.

99 Stamps used to be a craze of our childhood which is now realistically transferred to iPad. This is not just a collection – it's the encyclopedia of our world. In this special New Year edition you will find amazing facts about Christmas and New Year illustrated with capitative images of the existing collectible stamps.

99 Stamps might become a real Christmas treat as you will truly enjoy going through the beautiful images of stamps with pleasant music playing while you learn something new with every new touch.
Explore the world with all the wonderful things in it with your kids and bring back the delightful memories of your parents' childhood by looking through albums, dedicated to Olympic games, rare cars, exotic animals and plants.

Download 99 Stamps now and get the New Year album free!

What's more, you can send to your loved ones a personalized post card with the stamp you like the most via airdrop, Facebook or Twitter!

The app features real stamps that are absolutely identical to the original prototypes. Wrapped with stunning image quality and combined with highly intuitive interface, it provides a unique user experience.

Christmas and New Year, Olympic games, Automobiles, Flora and Fauna are just a few of the many theme subjects to explore.

Key Features:

— Each collection is created with love, attention to details, meticulously hand-picked and arranged into theme-based albums.

 Distinctive world-traits information in each stamp.

- Realistic picture in HD quality, combined with clean and intuitive interface.

- Stunning graphics and impressive image quality!

- Each stamp is "anatomically" indistinguishable to a real-life equivalent, matching in form and shape.

- Magnifying glass for more precise viewing.

 Built-in greeting card functionality allows to send personalized post cards, sealed with a stamp of choice, directly from within the app via email, twitter or Facebook

New stamp collections and themed albums are added on regular basis!

Post Stamp is by all means a history. Do you remember what it was like when a gifted craftsmen was able to reflect a seized snapshot of an entire world on a small sheet of paper? A post stamp was inevitably becoming not just a form of payment for post service, but an object of art. When series of stamps could make one stare at it for hours, exploring an entire world! Now let the 99 stamps app bring that glorious joyful experience to you and your family!

OK, that is their write up/sales pitch.  My take on this.  It's a great app.  Well thought out and for right now.. Free!

I am waiting till Friday for the final entrants into the giveaway.  I have some bonus stuff to giveaway to others and just waiting for the end of the holidays.  Lots of scanning to do.

This blog started TODAY 2 years ago.  I have had fun doing it and have truly enjoyed the folks who have hung out here and corresponded with me over the past 2 years.

I hope you all are enjoying my little blip on the web and I will continue to try and entertain in my own "special" way.

I will be posting something special tomorrow for you all.  Thanks


  1. Thank you for this post and info. I did not know about it

  2. I've collected postage stamps for years, and although I don't have any "i" devices, 99 Stamps sounds like a cool app. Congratulations on your 100th post and 2 year blog anniversary. I hope next year is as fun and enjoyable as the past 2 have been. Merry Christmas, Happy New Year and see you in the mail! >*.*<