Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Of Cows, ticks and hitchhikers

Card from Heather (BHM reply GMD) who thanks me for helping her go out and start sending some cards.  Your welcome!

And with that we are off and running.. Run Forrest.. Run..

Ok so been a bit since last post (apologies), but been over loaded with family drama and Valentines Day.

Do you have any idea how hard it is to arrange having something placed on your wife's desk when you don't work at the same place anymore and she gets there at 7:30 in the morning.

I wish I had picks of what I did for her.  What made this Valentines Day more fun was with all of the letter writing I have been doing, I was able to write all of her 20 valentines day cards in the same room with her back to me (our desks in the office are on opposite walls) and her non the wiser :)

So over the past weekend, I have been getting LOTS of postcards in reply to my mass mailing of the Black History Month postcard send.  So fun, and now have a ton of letters to write.

So on with the show.

This one is from china.  Now the card states this is for a road race, but for the life of me I don't see no road.  Check out the stamps.

This is from Keith (Good Mail Day) and is a really nice cartoon.  He draws them himself.  Send him something and see what toon you get.  Thanks Keith

On to Colorado, where men are men and the housing is cheap. (swap-bot).  Ashcroft Ghost Town, Aspen, Colorado.  Ashcroft ghost town can be found 10 miles south of Aspen.  Founded in 1879 at an elevation of 9500 feet, Ashcroft was one of the more substantial communities in the area.  Today the town offers a great example of the boom-and-bust cycles of the area's mining days.  There are several buildings still standing today that are open for visitors.

It's a Twister, It's  a Twister..  (Good Mail Day) Kimzoid sends this one in replay to BHM and warns of vacationing in a trailer park.  Kansas tornado - The awesome power of nature is unleashed as a tornado cuts a 500-yard path of destruction through western Sumner County the evening of March 13, 1990.  She tells me she saw one almost this big in Kansas while driving a truck.

From Maria (GMD), Greetings From Nebraska 1. Roundup time. 2. Small herds of Buffalo (pronounced BISON) may still be seen.

From Katie (GMD) in replay to BHM mailing loved the history card I sent and decided to send me one as well  (thank you).  Women Who Dared - Eleanor Roosevelt (1884-1962), American Humanitarian and diplomat.  She was an activist first lady who made the position one of great, if unofficial, influence.  As a delegate to the fledgling United Nations in 1948, she played a critical role in drafting and securing adoption of the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. (side note BHM was also a force in pushing black airmen - see Tuskegee).

Then there was this one from PostMuse: Near Lincoln Center, Manhattan, 2007

I don't know why, but all I could think of when I saw this card was "Villa Pianos" from the movie "that thing you do".

Now onto the winner of the week for most postcards sent from one person.  

Can you guess?

Who could it BE???

Ladies and Gentlemen!!  LIMNER!!!

With not 1, not 2, not 3 but 4 cards in 3 days!  Lovin You!!

Ok so the first one was in response to my BHM mailing.  and I also am a big fan of Maya.

This one was for the notebook (you're welcome).  and Kaylee saw it before I could even show her :)

Lay down limner, don't ya mean to be so cruel, I've.....  Ok enough Clapton, I am working on my letters lady.  Watch out!

and the last one from Ms. Cade.  Kaylee Loved it and we are working on her letters for a response. Maybe an art piece.  (and you were talking to me about card stock :p  (I'm sending you the stuff I'm using, while not thick, it's thicker than this.)

and the last 2 of the day (yea, yea, it's a long post.)  These 2 cards from Karen (GMD)

With a hitch hiker (see the title makes sense now huh)

She sent this as a backup not sure if the other would come through intact.  It did.  THANKS Karen.

Well it's closing time for tonight.  So remember to tip your waitress.  Good night.


  1. LOL! Dodson, D, you rock! Solid. Your blog is my nightcap. Oh, I have so much to tell you, but am tired. Until tomorrow . . . Sleep tight.

  2. Dodson, D: Plug your ears. SCREEEEEAM!!!! I wet myself! I spilled water from my chin, down my tee, in my lap, and down to my ankles! I was just blown away. Serious, for real, honest. You made my year! That's all I'm saying until tomorrow, when it will be Dodson, D. Day! Hurray!

    Hug yourself real hard! You rock without socks, and you make my knees knock from shock! Oh, payback is best served on a surprise plate. Hehehe!

    You really are something else. Bless your sweet heart.


  3. I'm guessing you got one of my packages..

  4. Book and spam? LOL! I like that, "spam scene." Both packages on the same day. My mouth was dry from inhaling so deep. My Klean Kanteen always goes with. A drink to cool my nerves and I was too excited I suppose. Well, I KNOW I was. Water water everywhere . . . But not on my goodies. :) So much fun you have given me. THANKS again.

    1. glad you like the "show crap" package. Hopefully you can find some useful things in there. I KNOW you'll enjoy the book. I have purchased at least 5 copies fro people and everyone has enjoyed it. I also have the audio book I listen to at least 3 times a week while falling to sleep. I like his voice.

      For anyone else reading this. Can I be any more vague??

  5. LOL Dodson, D. I saw it yesterday B&N. It's in the travel section. Have always wanted to walk the A Trail but the murders of all those young hikers made me put away all my planning. I knew I had to after Nat Geo wrote about them.

    I like falling asleep listening to two audio books, then the click jolts me awake. So I read the old fashioned way when I'm in bed. I've ruined a book or three with slobber that creeps when I sleep with my face on a page. :)

    That fret? Am going to get JC's guitar and see if I can play better. :) I like crazy goodies, too, but the book is a gem. Just wait for the Dodson, D. Dedication. It's raining here with flood warnings, so am just home after being out for hours. Time for house werk n cooking n the likes. :( Oh! I made another pretty at Archiver's! Wish you lived near me. :) We would get in so much trouble . . . er, fun together. :) You, me and XYZ. ;)

  6. Dang it! I meant that pick. LOL. Am drawing a guitar and keep thinking of fret. Sheesh. I'm fretting over a fret.

  7. Hey, I need a small favor. Will you send me an e-mail so I may reply and ask in private? Thanks.

  8. yay - so glad you got both cards. i glued that darn hitch hiker down with all my might but still feared an unwelcome separation at the hands of postal machinery.

    1. Those were very cool Karen, what kind of card stock did you use. I'm sure Ms. Limner would like to know as well.

    2. though I can't remember exactly how I made those, most of postcards are done on cereal boxes. (extra fancy trade secret.) cover liberally with gesso and take it from there.

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  10. You didn't mention the stamp I used on my postkard. Did that detail escape you?