Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Of Pirates, Lambs, and Mavens

So I received 5 items in the post box today.  4 postcards and 1 delivery from The Missive Maven (an order I placed)

First the postcards:

The true hit of the day was a card from New Zealand (post crossing).  It was written in the point of view of the family heeler.  It also included some nice stickers along the bottom for Kaylee.  I love the expression on the lambs face.

Next up are 2 cards from Swap-Bot.  This first one is from North Carolina, which apparently had its dealing with some of the scurvy mates ARGHHH..

The next was from Arizona.  The card gives a bit of history on the state.  Arizona became the 48th state on Feb 14, 1912, and is the sixth largest state in the U.S. at 114,006 square miles.  The state also carries the distinction of leading the nation in copper production, all of which you can find at your local recyclers after the tweakers have ripped it out of all the foreclosed houses in your neighborhood.  (OK I added the last part)

and the last postcard today is a response to my massive Black History Month send out.  The card is a painting from Horace Pippin (1888-1946) titled: Sunday Morning Breakfast, 1943.

and the last piece of mail was from The Missive Maven.  Now I can't show the cards I ordered.  This is due to the fact that The Maven has these for sale on her Etsy site and I don't wish to deprive anyone of an income for designs they produced.  You can find the purchase I made here..

I do love her envelopes and the stamps she designed.  If you could, please take a few moments and take a look at her site.  You might also notice she does NOT charge for shipping (bonus).

There are a few people I have been following on their respective blogs that also have Etsy or Folk stores.  If you need something mail related, give these folks a look and if you can toss them some business.  You know "BUY LOCALLY".  In this case it means within our little community.

In that same vein, you also might want to check out Rins shop over at papered thoughts.

Remember when you support these folks you also support their ability to keep sending out really nice packages and letters to everyone.  It may even be coming to you..

And remember folks, if you send me something, anything.  Put a return address on it.  I will write/send something back to anyone that does.


  1. Great mail. I love the lamb. :)

    Horace Pippin sounds familiar. I've seen the card recently. Thanks for the memory prod.

    No mail for me today. Lots went out though. More tomorrow.

    Write on D!

  2. Such fun postcards! I had the pleasure of receiving my first PostCrossing card the other day. I really should send more postcards!

    And thank you for the reminder to 'buy locally'. Nothing better than supporting fellow mail enthusiasts.

  3. Thanks so much for the shout-out and the endorsement! I really appreciate it, and I'm so glad you like the way I packaged the postcards.

    I also appreciate your respect for my designs. While others cannot reproduce them for sale, you are welcome to show photos of the postcards if you'd like. But it's wonderfully conscientious of you to err on the side of caution. That's deeply awesome of you!

    1. If you don't mind then I can do that.. But here is my take on this. I do scans of the cards and not photos. So the scans and resulting files are in fact printable. So in the vein of protecting (I would love to show them off)your IP, I just included the link to where your products can be viewed.

      Also thanks for reading, I do appreciate it.