Monday, February 6, 2012

Of Lazy Days

Well no scanning today, because I'm tired, it's late and I've been going rounds with Kaylee.  I swear she is more tiring than any workout you could ever go through.  You just can't reason with a 4yr old that is as stubborn as you are (wonder where she gets it from?)

So I had a REALLY good mail day today.  5 postcards from swap-bot, which I rated promptly and 3 letters.  One from a repeat writer (always good to know I didn't scare her off with my 5 page letter :).  one from Great Britain ( a reply) and one from Lucas.

Lucas I swear it gets easier as you go along.  I'll be penning a response in a day or so.  I like to absorb the letters.

With that statement, how many of you respond the day you get a letter, not a postcard but a nice letter.  And how many of you write more than a one page letter?

Now I use a 5.75 x 8.25 paper (A5 I think it is) and I prefer it to the standard 8.5x11 pages we all wrote on in school.  For some reason to me it feels struggled to fill the page.  But with the A5 pages it just seems like I'm getting more done.  The words just seem to flow a bit more not looking at the huge blank sheet of paper.

I finally broke down and ordered some nice paper from The Goulet Pen Company.  I must say for a small company I was very impressed.  The order was received in 3 days from Virginia.  Well packaged (almost to well).  I ordered some Original Crown Pure Cotton and some Clairefontaine Triomphe as well as some cartridges for my fountain pen.  While I "could" convert my Kaweco to an eye dropper, I really don't have an issue with the cartridges.  I just need to make sure I have some on hand as I ran out, not keeping an eye on the ink level.

I have started to get some responses to the Black Heritage cards I sent out last week.  Some of you have been asking where I got them.  The first batch of 20 came from an antique place here in Sacramento.  When I bought those, I thought then that it would be fun for Black History Month to send these out.  That was in December.  As I started getting more into the project and started getting more mail and regular correspondence, I widened the amount that I needed and an ebayin I did go.  I found a person who had both volumes for $10.  So now I have 60 cards.  I picked up a broken pack locally that brought me up to 74.  All but 2 went out.  I kept a Roberto Clemente and a Jackie Robinson card for me.

The next batch of a large send will be going out just before opening day (baseball).  I have 20 cards now but need another 40 min.  So I will be searching for the remainder over the next 2 months and gathering the stamps for that one as well.

On another note I purchased 5 of these today. (Thanks Dana.. he says sarcastically)

They were on sale at Crane & Co. for $5.00.  So I bought 5.  I will be keeping one and giving away the other 4 sometime in the near future.  I have to get them first :)

I will either do a giveaway or as per my norm just send them out to some folks.  You know who you are.. Or do ya??


  1. Don't you dare tell me that's a journal from Crane. Don't play with me like that. :) Gonna go look.

    1. I figure, I finally have something dedicated to tracking my mail. Did you order one?