Wednesday, April 6, 2022

I, I, I, I Got the Rona..

 Well, Rona FINALLY got me.  Not to bad (your mileage may vary). Vaccinated?  YUP, and then some - 4 shots loaded.

We will NOT get into any debates on science here.  The shots were always meant to keep you vertical and NOT in the hospital.  So in that respect, mission accomplished.  For the most part, I (started) with heavy fatigue and headaches.  Progressing to really bad headaches/body aches, to feeling like I was swallowing razor blades and now down to a really lingering cough (all told in week 2.5 now) but getting better daily.

Sleep is my friend.  

Is he writing again.  Yup, catching up and have 2 out today alone.  Wanted to make sure I'm not passing along the Vid.  Thought you'd all appreciate that!

So what are we all reading lately.  I mostly stick to chick-lit.  Why, because I' a big girl that's why.  Love the happy endings.  Same reason I watch Rom-Coms.

Some suggestions of late:

Love Hypthesis by Ali Hazelwood

Very Sincerely yours by Kerry Winfrey (also check out Waiting for Tom Hanks)

You Deserve Each Other by Sarah Hogle - I laughed out loud with this one.

Party Crasher - Sophie Kinsella (couldn't get into this one - Rare for one of her books) 

That's all for now folks..Till next round.


Thursday, January 13, 2022

Oh where hath though been??

Covid, Life and all that other stuff.

It's funny how things can go sideways and yet through the murk and mud, something good can come out of it. 

Here's to a new chapter and renewed interest in getting to know some new folks.  

Let's get this party started again.  My address is still the same and will respond to any letter sent.

Hope to hear from some one friends and meet some new.  SOOOoooo.. Much to fill in on.


Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Oh Sleep, my long lost friend.. We meet again.

So here we are 2 weeks post surgery.  Sleep..  My dear companion.  While I am forced to sleep on our reclining couch I have still been getting a full nights sleep with diminishing drug intake. (Side note: Percocet is EVIL - stuff makes me nauseous to say the least.)

Pain is diminishing, although at the surgical follow up today Doc told me 2 more weeks in the sling of shame and then off to rehab. So the rub of all of this comes down to, you're not in your 20's anymore, stop doing stupid shit that is going to hurt you because you are not going to bounce back from it anymore and you are going to be in pain for a very long time annoying the people around you for even longer making them want to put a pillow over your head while you sleep for sweet peace in their lives..  or something like that..

So now that I have actually been able to remain coherent for more than 2 hours at a time initially following the procedure, I have managed to actually get a few letters out.  Been actually through some acrobatics, been able to hold a book and read some before dozing off in a pain killer induced coma (light).

Well folks - all I can handle at the moment - night night time.  Ice packs here I come..


Friday, May 5, 2017

When the lack of sleep finally catches you..

Well it happened. Life finally caught up with me. I have been dealing with pain from many accidents over the years between motorcycles in my youth to cars in my not so youth.  Most recently the little rear end job a few years ago that has lead to my in ability to sit for relatively long periods of time without headaches hitting me or just the simple act of sitting and typing or writing, which was a nice respit from daily activities and a nice outlet.

Over the last few months though I have had one of my old injuries that has reared its ugly little head and prevented me from getting a glimpse of a nights sleep.  Shoulder injuries are not fun. They hinder life's simple movements and joys.  Lifting an item more than chest height without pain - nope.  Shooting a baseball game (photography), nope, driving, not for very long.  You get the idea. So after a recent fall that finally threw me over the edge in Sept. and going through everything the docs tell you to do I could take it no more and went under the knife yet again.

That was Tuesday and typing this one handed is a new adventure (taking a bit).  Responses to online readings or work email has a new look (think Almost Famous - I AM A GOLDEN GOD - I'M ON DRUGS!!) as this as well might be a run of in cohearent thoughts (forgive please).

Reading (ha) more of a head bobbing session within fits of consciousness.  I do however have the company of both Martha and Skits as they lay over the top of me while I sleep acting as my living blankets (Chessiekets?).  I just hope this does the trick, the pain meds go away and I can get back to doing the little things that make our lives here just a little better.  Pain elimination should give me just a tad bit better mood in the house and make the 48 yr old fart a tad bit more bearable.  

Anyone else in the parts falling off club?  Pains that just wont go away and interfere with daily get alongs?


Friday, March 31, 2017

To Annie.. books and music

Well here we go again,

One of my girls have left, too soon are our furry friends with us.  What was once 4 is now 3, the herd slowly dwindles.

This happened a few months ago and yet, the bed seems bigger without her there, more empty.  Where did my backing buddy go, my winter heating pad.  She made it a few months past her 11th birthday.  In the end although a little slower, she was still excited to see me home, to make those walks, to fly into the car and be the expert traveler that her show career had gotten her to be.

She was another retiree from my friend Kathy whose dogs seem to find there way to the Dodson Chessie retirement home to live out their lives in style and comfort.  I have joked with Kathy that if I get one more of her older dogs, that I am going to have a sign outside of the house "SandyOak Retirement Home for Wayward Chessies". If nothing else but for a nice conversation piece.  My luck the county inspectors would be knocking on my door for permits.

Well, things around the house have slowly gotten back to what some would call steady (never use the words normal - whose to say what normal is).  Leveling out maybe?

Books and Classical music:
What have I been missing?  I have put away around 6 books in the past few weeks, opting for more print time over screen time, a break from having to stare at them for the bulk of my working day.  Some nice selections from Apple Music for Classical Music for Reading have been a nice break as well.  Not being distracted by words in the background has helped in calming down and enjoying the moment with the pages in my hands.

Reading list so far (recents)
Johnathan Unleashed
Dog Medicine (eye opener for my situation)
Chosen by a Horse (current read)
Bonk (roach)
Next up - Norse Mythology



Monday, October 10, 2016

Looking for school pen pal partner

Hi there ya'll,

I am on the hunt for a school pen pal program for Kaylee's classroom.

Ages are from 8-10 years old.  This is a public school
Grade: 4th
Location: Sacramento, Ca

In the interest of getting a younger generation to expand their hand writing skills and broaden their understanding of different people be it from within the US or destinations from around the world.

I put out this offer to her teacher this evening and have offered to completely fund the project as we all know how the school budgets are not a exactly inclined to spend monies on something that has nothing to do with Commin Core anymore.

So please let me know if any of you can help out.

Back soon,


Tuesday, October 4, 2016

The neglectful Blogger..

Well greetings campers.  I have not passed on the the great unknown, given up the ghost, shuffled off the mortal coil...  I have been both very busy with work and unfortunately in a lot of pain from that little fender bender almost 3 years ago now (i.e. Lots of MRI/CT scans, spinal injections, shoulder injections etc.) with no slowing down in site.

Writing for me is very therapeutic.  You have the chance to strike up conversations with folks you never met before and if all works out well keep those conversations going for years to come even with long pauses in between.  Are those pauses intentional,  (I'm gonna see how long I can put between these letters and see if they miss me) they can be misunderstood by the recipient, especially if you were fairly regular on the onset.

In our need it now society patience has been lost.  When we don't get an immediate response from something sent, there can be a tendency to get upset with the person on the other end for their seemingly lack of interest or further intention to keep contacts/relationships going.

With that I would ask my regular pen-pals to be patient with me.  I have not forgotten anyone, nor do I intend to quit writing.  There are just some times when doing an activity that requires a neck position to accomplish an activity that honestly is very painful to complete.  This post tonight is being done at almost 11pm on a reclining couch with a hot bean/rice/buckwheat bag behind my neck propping me up to get this down.

So with that, bear with my friends, I have not forgotten you, I have not abandoned my post (see what I did there :).

My little girls turns 9 this Saturday. She has gone through quite a bit in the past 2 years and I believe will be stronger for it.  I have found someone I believe was just there waiting for me to find her and could not be happier.  Our dogs have complete faith that we built an in ground pool just for them (they spend more time in it than we do).

Letters going out in the next few weeks as I can hold my head up for that long (work and family first folks).  So with that, Night Ya'll.