Thursday, March 28, 2013

America the Beautiful.. (with a bonus)

Field Notes..  My favorite notebooks have issued their new colors subscriptions pack today.

I their words:

When you think of FIELD NOTES, two things should be abundantly clear by now: first, obviously, we are obsessed with the design and variety of pocket notebooks of the twentieth century. Second, simply put, we love the U.S.A. The good, the bad, the corny, the deep; all of it. Our commitment to American materials and labor is well known.
As we set out to create the eighteenth COLORS limited edition, we dug into Aaron’s collection of vintage memo books for inspiration, and set out to pay tribute to the cross-country-road-trip spirit of America, via the vibrant full-color aesthetic of the beautifully-roughhewn memo books and road maps of the 1960s.

In today’s world of computerized precision, it was challenging to find anything but the brightest-white paper, and our printer takes great pride in perfection. Printing oversaturated photos on yellowed paper, with a purposefully out-of-register 100-line screen, was nearly outside the capabilities of modern machinery and left pressmen scratching their heads. But we made it happen! The dust has settled, and we present our beefiest FIELD NOTES ever. Colorful stock photography of “Spacious Skies,” “Amber Waves,” and “Mountains Majesty” are reproduced in full-color on heavyweight, off-white, Tango-coated one-side covers, and stuffed with 48 pages of burly Finch “Soft White” paper ruled with “Looseleaf Blue” ink. They’re bound together with shiny copper staples, and as always: they’re manufactured in the very nation they celebrate.

As the infomercials say: that’s not all! Each 3-Pack includes an “America the Beautiful” water-transfer decal inspired by the ubiquitous decals that mid-century tourists proudly applied to their Samsonite, Airstream, or Chevy Bel-Air. The decal is screen-printed in fluorescent colors on a clear backing, waiting to be briefly soaked in water and applied to an inviting, soon-to-be-more-attractive surface.

Field Notes: America the Beautiful Edition from Coudal Partners on Vimeo.

Now some of my own.  I LOVE THESE!  so much, that I have ordered a few for giveaways.

How do you get some?  How do you partake in the magic of over the road travel to find the world's biggest Toilet?  or the Worlds biggest Diaper Pail? (please don't insert the worlds largest diaper into the worlds largest toilet as we don't want to find the worlds biggest plunger and that's just not right)

So to enter, send me a postcard of something travel related in a touristy fashion.  That would be as described above.  Examples would be, the Jackalope etc.  I will add to this post tonight..  something you might find at a bus stop, trailer park, truck stop  you know what I'm talking about.

I will be posting ALL of them as received.

Up for grabs. 1 full pack and decal of the new books.  I have 4 sets to give away.  This will end April 15th.  Hey I figure something good should happen then.


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Would you like your own piece of Calligraphy?

One of my readers Randall Harris runs Writing By Hand and he is doing a WONDERFUL giveaway.  What could that be you ask?  What wonders await by clicking the above or THIS LINK?

Could it be a fine auto-mobile, inks from the far reaches of the earth?  No.

But something really cool.  Mr Harris is offering his services.  YOU get to pick out what he will do for you.  Now how cool is that.

Now I don't know about you.  But for me getting the ink on the page and not smudging it is a feat unto itself.

Below you will find some of Mr. Harris' work.


This is my favorite.  Can someone say return stamp?  Common I know you can.. RETURN ..  STAMP..  See, easy. :)

And of course something for your own printed labels.

So for a good time call...  pens and pencils and paper or Writing by Hand for all your writing by hand needs.


BlogLovin - or google is shutting stuff off.

Follow on Bloglovin < this or this >  Follow my blog with Bloglovin

Now we have all heard (i hope we all have by now) that google is going to be removing some of it's blog support services.  Reader for one.  But the other is the "follow" button.

I have followed a few others and posted to BlogLovin.  So far I like the layout and am actually finding more blogs than I did searching from google/blogspot.

So if you are so inclined.  Add me to your list over there.  As of July 1, googles service heads off into the depths of some data center.



Sunday, March 10, 2013

Mail goes out and product comes in.


I have managed to get a bunch of mail out.  Kim went under the knife.  Again..

And I have had a few companies ask me (they like me they really really like me) to review some of their yet to be released products.  Was this a wise choice?  That remains to be seen.

I have received 2 notebooks from Miro.  The notebooks are from their Felt and Wood series.

First impressions are this.  I like them for utility.  They feel nice to the touch.  They are functional.

I will be doing a very in depth review next week as I have been carrying the Felt notebook around in my pack and with me for the mast 2 weeks.  You will get to see how it has held up after being tossed around in the truck, dropped written in etc.  The Wood notebook might be given away.  Maybe ;)



The notebooks pictured above are the same ones I received.

I am also to be receiving some stationery for review next week.  Some G. Lalo social stationery.  This I am really looking forward to.  So folks, as I start getting these done the remainders will be up for grabs.

Till next time.