Tuesday, March 19, 2013

Would you like your own piece of Calligraphy?

One of my readers Randall Harris runs Writing By Hand and he is doing a WONDERFUL giveaway.  What could that be you ask?  What wonders await by clicking the above or THIS LINK?

Could it be a fine auto-mobile, inks from the far reaches of the earth?  No.

But something really cool.  Mr Harris is offering his services.  YOU get to pick out what he will do for you.  Now how cool is that.

Now I don't know about you.  But for me getting the ink on the page and not smudging it is a feat unto itself.

Below you will find some of Mr. Harris' work.


This is my favorite.  Can someone say return stamp?  Common I know you can.. RETURN ..  STAMP..  See, easy. :)

And of course something for your own printed labels.

So for a good time call...  pens and pencils and paper or Writing by Hand for all your writing by hand needs.



  1. Many thanks for the shout-out, DD. You rock!

  2. His calligraphy is beautiful! I have seen it first hand on letters addressed to me, he is a pen friend. I just want to frame the envelopes.

  3. His calligraphy is very beautiful and your favorite is mine too. I like the simplicity of it, yet it is full of class and style.

  4. Thanks, everyone! I am very flattered. I'm glad you like my calligraphy!

  5. Ah! Too right y'all. I posted his fine hand just tonight. Calligraphy and beautiful penmanship make even bad news look good. :) kudos to Randall.