Saturday, March 31, 2012

Movie 3 pack winner

And the winner of the movie 3 pack is Limner.  Congrats.  I have emailed the codes to you.

Have some fun this weekend away from the drawing board.

So.  The rules were.
1. Follow
2. comment on this question/statement.  "You must finish this line in your comment: Jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack___."

Of the folks that commented 5, were eligible.

On to

And there ya have it.   Winer, Winner, junk food for dinner.  Happy movie viewing Limner.

I will be doing these every 2-3 weeks when I have enough certs for at least 2 movies.  Stay tuned..

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Get ready, Get set, Movie TIME!!

It's movie giveaway time.  I have a 3 pack for this weekend.  I will send a PDF with the codes to the lucky winner.

But Derrick, you say.  How can you offer us such great deals??  There must be a catch.

If you buy NOW, I'll toss in not one, not two but THREE movies.  all for the low low price of NADA!!

NO, it can't be that easy.. But it is!  NO, Really.. Yea really..

You must finish this line in your comment: Jack be nimble, jack be quick, jack___.

As always, follow the blog and comment.

Behind ethernet connection 1 we have Tower Heist.  Starring Ben Still and Eddie Murphy.

When a group of hard working guys find out they've fallen victim to a wealthy business man's Ponzi scheme, they conspire to rob his high-rise residence.

Behind switch connection #2 we have Tinker, Tailor, Soldier, Spy.  Starring Gary Oldman

In the bleak days of the Cold War, espionage veteran George Smiley is forced from semi-retirement to uncover a Soviet agent within MI6.

And on Nic 3 (see  geeky guy) we have HOP.  Starring Russel Brand.

E.B., the Easter Bunny's teenage son, heads to Hollywood, determined to become a drummer in a rock 'n' roll band. In LA, he's taken in by Fred after the out-of-work slacker hits E.B. with his car.

This is a VERY cute movie and on a re watch scale I give it a 4 out of 5 with the kiddies.

Answer to the question.  "jack missed the candle stick and now must find a proctologist."

Contest entry ends on Friday March 30 at midnight.  This way you will have your codes on Sat morning for your weekend movies marathon.

Monday, March 26, 2012

Of Movies, Movies, Movies

Short post today.

I have been getting a bunch of movies from work lately (perks).  With the movies there is a download code that I will NEVER use.  I compress all of my movies for viewing on my Mac Mini connected to our large screen (yea I'm that geeky and I like it).

So what I'm asking is..  Are any of you folks interested in some movie giveaways?

As of right now I have 4 codes for 4 different movies.  This would allow for download/streaming to your computer/mobile device of your choice.

Currently I have,

Tower Heist
Tailor, Tinker, Soldier, Spy
and HOP

There will be others as I have a fairly constant stream of these things coming in.

So you guys let me know and I'll start dolling these things out.  Figure 2 at a go.  Sound good?

Well back to our regularly scheduled broadcast later this week.  I need to order some more of my nice writing paper.  Only 6 sheets left.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Krap fest #1 Winner

It's a short post today folks.  With to sick girlish type folk in the house and a bad wheel keeping me up at night, I'm just not all here right now.  BUT I promised a winner announcement for the garbage I want to off load so here we go.

I know, you've all been waiting with bated breath...

Per my normal selection process.  I wrote down all of the commenters, verified following (since I figured out how to actually see everyone now) and of the 9 that entered, only 1 was not following the site (part of the rules and I want to be fair).

So off to

#8 - Laura.  You have won what some may call the Zonk.  Or a HUGE pile of Krap is on it's way.  Hey, it's not like you weren't warned.

So in addition to all of this crap, you get a tube full of movie posters, a pack of really neat playing cards from a kick starter project I backed, some random concert tickets for your mailings and what ever else I can think of to stuff in the tube.

So with that it's sedation time here at the Dodson Hacienda. Night Ya'll..

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Piglets, Crates and Dinners

Well, this will be a "round 2" attempt.  The first shot came around 1:30 this morning when Kaylee had gotten up.  So I "attempted" to make a post.  One of those, well I'm up might as well get something done while I wait for the dryer kind of things.

I managed to get all of my scanning done.  Get the contest winners stuff together (more on that below) and put in a nice long post.  Only to later in the morning be notified it didn't go through and after checking, it was all GONE!.  So "round 2"

So let's get the last 2 days worth of incoming out of the way so you guys can find out who gets the first of 2 lost crates packs.

First off is from Vannessa from my baseball mailing.  She sends me this card of a cathedral built in the 8th century (the priest must be really old).in Aachens, Germany.

Next is from Ms. Julia.  Card reads, Icicle Creek Chandelier by Dale Chihuly.  She informs me that this is a permanent install in the Bellagio hotel in Vegas baby!

This is from (K)Chrsitine, from the baseball mailing.  She sends me a diamond, Thanks K :)

This is from one of my Swap-Bot mailings, March Chunk O Cardboard.  Trust the smiling doughboy.
Really like the back.

A lovely note card from Laura and Langly, Haystacks (effect on snow and sun) Claude Monet, French 1840-1926 (The Metropolitain Museum of Art)

Now this is why I do these mailings.  Laura writes that she has always wanted to go to an opening day game.  They have a Minor League team in Peoria (the Peoria Chiefs/Cubs affiliate) where she attends.  Now while I really like minor league games, there is nothing like a major league ballpark.  So Laura, grab the little one and head on over to Wrigley.  I guarantee your youngin will never forget the day there.

On to Misty (pen thief).  Thanks me for the baseball mailing.  Card reads, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Temple of Heaven, Beijing.

From Kim in the Great White North, who is still under snow. She has never seen a real professional game and now wants to head over to Toronto with the family to check out a game.

From Postcrosser Ann, student in Minsk

Some stamps from Belgium from a new Pen -Pal on Swap-bot.

From an Ex-pat in France. Kelli remembers her trips to the ballpark with pop to watch the Orioles.  SEE childhood memories that stick around.

And the last one for the day is one of my favs.  From postcrosser, Rita.  Can't go wrong with any card that has Pooh quotes.

And now to the Lost Crates Giveaway part 1.

The rules for the giveaway were:
1. Follow the blog.  This is verified by one of 3 ways. The followers listing on the right. I followed the comments ID to check your "blogs I follow" or to their site to see if listed in blogs I'm reading.  I did this as some of the readers here are using OpenIDs.
2. Comment on the post.

So from that, there were 9 comments. Of the 9 comments I was only able to verify 8 followers of the site.

Now today has not been my day and I have decided to giveaway the whole lot to 2 people.  I went to to for the winners.

Winner #1 - Laura

and winner #2 - Olivia

These go to #1 and the rest to #2.

So she gets the map notebook, the journey card and this little gem from me.

 This is one of the Air Mail notebooks from Crane & Co.

So there ya have it folks.

Now do to my screw up.  Karen gets something nice from my shipment and I dearly hope this makes up for my ignorance of the way blogger lists folks.

So there ya have it.  Thanks for playing and the next one should go MUCH smoother.


Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of Postkards, Conduct and Crap Fest #1

So, did I catch ya off guard with that title.. hmm..  (thinks well he usually puts it together in the end) And YOU would be right.  so bear with :)

It's been a fairly slow mail week here.  But what I did get in was VERY nice, and from some new folks responding to my Baseball Giveaway.  For those of you who are wondering, NO you haven't missed it (there have been questions on mailings).  I have set a date for April 15th.  Figure someone should get something back.

So remember the rules..
1. Follow the blog
2. Comment on this post.
3. send me something (letter or postcard)
4. nothing just those 3 up above..  think I was making it difficult or something. Sheesh.

With that let's get on with our first guest speaker..  Mr. O'Brien.

Like the K-Mail stamp Keith.  You mentioned that I didn't notice the stamp on the last one you sent (Malcolm X), was there supposed to be a k-mail on that as well??  I Really like the letter stamps.

If you read my other post with some of Mr. O'Brien's mail, he does some very nice "postkards".  In this mailing he sent me a booklet containing 8 of his kards over a time period while contemplating and then completing a move from some unknown location (wasn't mentioned) to Maine.  This actually had me cleaning my "krap" out of my office and a bit in the garage today prepping for my forthcoming relocation.

So from Postkards to Conduct..  Oooo.. Segue or what!

I browse and "occasionally" purchase from the site Col Littleton.  He (the Colonel.. "I hated the colnel, with his BEADY EYES, OOoooo Your gonna buy my chicken oooo) makes some really cool products.  So while on a recent perusal of his shopping mecca, I noticed that they were doing a little Conduct Informational mailing. 

And with your request you get one of these..

So.. How's YOUR Conduct??

From Conduct to Karen.. Eh., Uh huh.. I'm rollin today.  This one comes from Ms. Karen who apparently like folks looking at her butt.. (hey you started it).  Her hubby (Max) looking at her posterior exclaimed "Hey jordache is sticking out"  OK not really and yea it's a really bad joke..  maybe.  actually he said her jeans looked like the iridescent oil patch in the driveway "you should take a picture it'll last longer" CLIQUE".. and from that conversation came this.

Cool EH??

From Karen to Cleveland.. Alright, I know.. MILKING IT.. (enough already)  yea, yea..  This one comes from James at everyday correspondence.  Response to the baseball mailing.  Please check out his site.  Some really cool letterhead available for download.. gratis.

Next up, is this one from Jennifer (england)  Card reads, Joice Coach builders, circa 1900.  Jennifer tells me that this building is now a car park named Joices Yard, surrounded by old timely flower shops and cafés.

I so love the english postage.

This one from Shannah, who thanked me for the Christy Mathewson card, and then asks me to "Kiss her , she's Irish! Literally!"  (Kim would be jealous) thanks for the offer :)  I really do like the patchwork quilt ( have many of them around the house) Shannah states she loves to quilt, sew, crochet and knit (yes she's old fashioned!)  Thanks Shannah.

Next up Ms. Davis, who really needs to send more mail.  I mean look at all those old stamps.

And our last piece for the week comes from Ms. Jane, FOCUS!!  This is an original piece, sent in reply to my baseball mailing.  She makes note of the card I sent (Lou Gerhig, New York Yankee).  She put it on her fridge to irritate her son.  YES, I sent you that card on purpose.  Yes, I knew where you are in relation to Boston.  I gotta poke where I can right :)

Ok, now on to Krap Fest (thanks Keith).  While prepping for the imminent relocation of the Dodson rabble.  I have been going through all of the Krap, I don't want to move but really also don't want to just chuck.  Believe me I was almost there when I though, I can offload this garbage on someone else. 

So this is what I have and this will ALL go out to one person, selected next Friday, March 23rd.

Scent of pencils to choose from Watermelon, Root Beer, Orange or Very Berry.  Only one pencil.  All of the rest goes out.  Along with what you see here is a bunch of movie posters. (I work at a radio station).  So there ya go.


Follow the blog and comment on post with scent of pencil.  That's it.  I'll draw the winner on Friday morning.

Well that's it for today/tonight when ever your reading this and in what time zone/country.

Thanks for reading..

Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Of Cows, Little girls and Lost Crates

Here we are just into the first part of the week and Kaylee's mail is exploding!!  So far she has 2 postcards and 1 Limner mail.

Along with this I have received this months Lost Crates package of which I will be doing a giveaway this month.  This will be in addition to the Baseball Postal Giveaway I am doing ending in mid April.  More giveaways coming so keep checking.

So with that let's get to Kaylee's mail first.

Limner sent Kaylee a milk (yogurt) bottle filled with bovine goodness..

So daddy performs some surgery.  PUSH!!!


And out pops a calf..

 So now Kaylee has another baby for the herd.  and all of the same kind.  She's a bit sad, can't you tell.. Just teary eyed.

She has also been getting some postcards from all over.  This one from India.

and this from texas

We received 2 cards from the same person, Tish, who recently found my blog and thinks she missed the giveaway.  To which I say, NAY NAY.. You have missed nothing Ms. Tish.  I fact you entered the giveaway with your postcard send.  But you do still need to follow and comment here, here, and here and don't forget to sign here.  And there ya go, you now own a YUGO.

I also received this handmade card from Stephanie Dodson (no relation- I swear.  The contest is not rigged - no, really.. See my face, huh, huh.. )  She referenced the mailing, followed, just need to check for comment here, here or maybe it was here..

And finally, this card from Tallié in Bellingham (GMD), who wrote that she is enjoying my monthly PC mailings.  Only card with description.  Ask Alexander The Man Who Knows! :  Born Claude Alexander Conlin in 1878, he was the top Crystal Gazer of the 20th Century, first Appearing in 1907.  One of the highest paid vaudeville entertainers.  Alexander died in Seattle in 1954.  Poster circa 1915 (From the Beckmann/Lyon Collection).  The 9 foot x 16 foot billboard shown on this card is on permanent display in Seattle's Historic Pike Place Market.

And last but not least.. Who wants more free stuff??  Huh, Huh.. Let's see those hands.. 1, 2, 4, 9.. Ok a bunch of people.

Now you could say, "But Derrick, you have been so generous so far.  How could you ever top your current giveaway.." No really, your to kind.. Stop, your making me blush.. Ok not really but hey I can dream right.

So here it goes.  I subscribe to a service called Lost Crates.  For those of you who have not been initiated.  The service goes like this.  You cough up 38 clams a month (wouldn't that hurt if that statement were literal  OUCH!) and they sent you assorted stuff from various "collections of the month".  From Eco, Foodie, Made in ____, housewares, Jack's Picks, and my personal favorite, Stationery.

Now the service originally started by you answering a questionnaire and they would "select" stuff for you to receive every month, or by a one off purchase.  It was also ONLY stationery when they first started and just last month branched off into the other 5 collections eliminating the questionnaire.

I still subscribe to the service and really enjoy the stuff that comes in.  A lot of Etsy, really creative stuff you probably wouldn't find on your own because lets face it, THERE IS A TON OF STUFF OUT THERE!!

Example of last months package. I received some Knock Knock pads (to do sheets, and very functional they even have a spot on them for correspondence.  How fitting right?), a Kaweco Gel Pen (I like this brand very much, have 2 of the sport fountain pens), some REALLY cool little note cards from Paper & Type (Kim loved these, I hid them in her bags before she got to work for her to find them), and lastly a neat little notebook.  They even started including an "invoice" to let you know what the products are gong for retail.

So you ask, WHY did you have me read all of that.  Patient Grasshopper..

By some lucky happenstance I received 2 (two) shipments this month.  So I have decided to grace ya'll with the excess items.  I will be doling out 1 item a week from the comments on this post.

Here is the stash I will be parting out. (click on the photo)

The cards BTW are AWESOME!!

Here are the rules:
1.  Be a follower of the blog (simple)
2.  Comment on this post (still pretty simple)
3.  In your comment note which item you really would like to get. (doesn't mean you'll get it, just checking your paying attention)
4.  Do 14 jumping jacks, while singing jumping jack flash (come on, you can do it)
5.  Do yourself a favor and check out

First item to go out on March 21.  So you have until March 20 to follow the rules listed above and get some free schwag courtesy of Lost Crates

Thanks for hang on.