Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Of Piglets, Crates and Dinners

Well, this will be a "round 2" attempt.  The first shot came around 1:30 this morning when Kaylee had gotten up.  So I "attempted" to make a post.  One of those, well I'm up might as well get something done while I wait for the dryer kind of things.

I managed to get all of my scanning done.  Get the contest winners stuff together (more on that below) and put in a nice long post.  Only to later in the morning be notified it didn't go through and after checking, it was all GONE!.  So "round 2"

So let's get the last 2 days worth of incoming out of the way so you guys can find out who gets the first of 2 lost crates packs.

First off is from Vannessa from my baseball mailing.  She sends me this card of a cathedral built in the 8th century (the priest must be really old).in Aachens, Germany.

Next is from Ms. Julia.  Card reads, Icicle Creek Chandelier by Dale Chihuly.  She informs me that this is a permanent install in the Bellagio hotel in Vegas baby!

This is from (K)Chrsitine, from the baseball mailing.  She sends me a diamond, Thanks K :)

This is from one of my Swap-Bot mailings, March Chunk O Cardboard.  Trust the smiling doughboy.
Really like the back.

A lovely note card from Laura and Langly, Haystacks (effect on snow and sun) Claude Monet, French 1840-1926 (The Metropolitain Museum of Art)

Now this is why I do these mailings.  Laura writes that she has always wanted to go to an opening day game.  They have a Minor League team in Peoria (the Peoria Chiefs/Cubs affiliate) where she attends.  Now while I really like minor league games, there is nothing like a major league ballpark.  So Laura, grab the little one and head on over to Wrigley.  I guarantee your youngin will never forget the day there.

On to Misty (pen thief).  Thanks me for the baseball mailing.  Card reads, The Hall of Prayer for Good Harvest, Temple of Heaven, Beijing.

From Kim in the Great White North, who is still under snow. She has never seen a real professional game and now wants to head over to Toronto with the family to check out a game.

From Postcrosser Ann, student in Minsk

Some stamps from Belgium from a new Pen -Pal on Swap-bot.

From an Ex-pat in France. Kelli remembers her trips to the ballpark with pop to watch the Orioles.  SEE childhood memories that stick around.

And the last one for the day is one of my favs.  From postcrosser, Rita.  Can't go wrong with any card that has Pooh quotes.

And now to the Lost Crates Giveaway part 1.

The rules for the giveaway were:
1. Follow the blog.  This is verified by one of 3 ways. The followers listing on the right. I followed the comments ID to check your "blogs I follow" or to their site to see if listed in blogs I'm reading.  I did this as some of the readers here are using OpenIDs.
2. Comment on the post.

So from that, there were 9 comments. Of the 9 comments I was only able to verify 8 followers of the site.

Now today has not been my day and I have decided to giveaway the whole lot to 2 people.  I went to to for the winners.

Winner #1 - Laura

and winner #2 - Olivia

These go to #1 and the rest to #2.

So she gets the map notebook, the journey card and this little gem from me.

 This is one of the Air Mail notebooks from Crane & Co.

So there ya have it folks.

Now do to my screw up.  Karen gets something nice from my shipment and I dearly hope this makes up for my ignorance of the way blogger lists folks.

So there ya have it.  Thanks for playing and the next one should go MUCH smoother.



  1. Am I the only one or did you forget to post the text here?

    1. I had actually entered a very long post. Something happened on publish. Sorry bout that.

    2. Hey Derrick,

      Thanks for the advice for opening day game. I have wanted to see a major league game my entire life, but it really hasn't happened either. I would take my little one to the game, but he's actually my cat. LOL! I am a crazy cat lady, so sorry for the confusion!

      I really like your blog. I think the Jet Set Letterpress notecards would still be really nifty.

    3. Well, I am sorry hearing that your post got deleted. I hate when things like that happen! But I am glad it was not my computer as I had some problems seeing websites lately...

  2. I do have your blog on my blog's blog list...

    1. Tis true, but you had not entered a comment on that post for that giveaway.

      You declined the baseball giveaway, but are entered in part 2 of the lost crates giveaway if you wish

  3. Thanks for doing the giveaway!!

  4. Congratulations everyone! What a win.

  5. everyone's loot went out this afternoon, please let me know what you think of the items when you get them.

    1. Thank you so much Derrick. I think everything I got is awesome :)