Sunday, March 18, 2012

Of Postkards, Conduct and Crap Fest #1

So, did I catch ya off guard with that title.. hmm..  (thinks well he usually puts it together in the end) And YOU would be right.  so bear with :)

It's been a fairly slow mail week here.  But what I did get in was VERY nice, and from some new folks responding to my Baseball Giveaway.  For those of you who are wondering, NO you haven't missed it (there have been questions on mailings).  I have set a date for April 15th.  Figure someone should get something back.

So remember the rules..
1. Follow the blog
2. Comment on this post.
3. send me something (letter or postcard)
4. nothing just those 3 up above..  think I was making it difficult or something. Sheesh.

With that let's get on with our first guest speaker..  Mr. O'Brien.

Like the K-Mail stamp Keith.  You mentioned that I didn't notice the stamp on the last one you sent (Malcolm X), was there supposed to be a k-mail on that as well??  I Really like the letter stamps.

If you read my other post with some of Mr. O'Brien's mail, he does some very nice "postkards".  In this mailing he sent me a booklet containing 8 of his kards over a time period while contemplating and then completing a move from some unknown location (wasn't mentioned) to Maine.  This actually had me cleaning my "krap" out of my office and a bit in the garage today prepping for my forthcoming relocation.

So from Postkards to Conduct..  Oooo.. Segue or what!

I browse and "occasionally" purchase from the site Col Littleton.  He (the Colonel.. "I hated the colnel, with his BEADY EYES, OOoooo Your gonna buy my chicken oooo) makes some really cool products.  So while on a recent perusal of his shopping mecca, I noticed that they were doing a little Conduct Informational mailing. 

And with your request you get one of these..

So.. How's YOUR Conduct??

From Conduct to Karen.. Eh., Uh huh.. I'm rollin today.  This one comes from Ms. Karen who apparently like folks looking at her butt.. (hey you started it).  Her hubby (Max) looking at her posterior exclaimed "Hey jordache is sticking out"  OK not really and yea it's a really bad joke..  maybe.  actually he said her jeans looked like the iridescent oil patch in the driveway "you should take a picture it'll last longer" CLIQUE".. and from that conversation came this.

Cool EH??

From Karen to Cleveland.. Alright, I know.. MILKING IT.. (enough already)  yea, yea..  This one comes from James at everyday correspondence.  Response to the baseball mailing.  Please check out his site.  Some really cool letterhead available for download.. gratis.

Next up, is this one from Jennifer (england)  Card reads, Joice Coach builders, circa 1900.  Jennifer tells me that this building is now a car park named Joices Yard, surrounded by old timely flower shops and cafés.

I so love the english postage.

This one from Shannah, who thanked me for the Christy Mathewson card, and then asks me to "Kiss her , she's Irish! Literally!"  (Kim would be jealous) thanks for the offer :)  I really do like the patchwork quilt ( have many of them around the house) Shannah states she loves to quilt, sew, crochet and knit (yes she's old fashioned!)  Thanks Shannah.

Next up Ms. Davis, who really needs to send more mail.  I mean look at all those old stamps.

And our last piece for the week comes from Ms. Jane, FOCUS!!  This is an original piece, sent in reply to my baseball mailing.  She makes note of the card I sent (Lou Gerhig, New York Yankee).  She put it on her fridge to irritate her son.  YES, I sent you that card on purpose.  Yes, I knew where you are in relation to Boston.  I gotta poke where I can right :)

Ok, now on to Krap Fest (thanks Keith).  While prepping for the imminent relocation of the Dodson rabble.  I have been going through all of the Krap, I don't want to move but really also don't want to just chuck.  Believe me I was almost there when I though, I can offload this garbage on someone else. 

So this is what I have and this will ALL go out to one person, selected next Friday, March 23rd.

Scent of pencils to choose from Watermelon, Root Beer, Orange or Very Berry.  Only one pencil.  All of the rest goes out.  Along with what you see here is a bunch of movie posters. (I work at a radio station).  So there ya go.


Follow the blog and comment on post with scent of pencil.  That's it.  I'll draw the winner on Friday morning.

Well that's it for today/tonight when ever your reading this and in what time zone/country.

Thanks for reading..


  1. Haha! I mean I 'literally' am Irish lol glad you got the card!


    Love this post. Holy random batman!

    1. Fair warning - After the move comes my Apple clean out. All I'm gonna say about that till I get caught up on my current giveaways and my upcoming move. (so I can locate everything)

  3. The letter K is over-represented in this post. Just sayink. I think I may change my name to Kristine to fit in. Kriminy.

    1. Thanks K :) Just having fun with Mr O'Brien. You should send a letter to him. He does very nice work.

    2. The letter K is a wonderful letter. It should be written more often!

  4. ORANGE!!!! and holy krap, I love that eyeball postcard.

  5. Hey Derrick, just wanted to make sure you did get the reply I sent you a week or two ago. Looking forward to our correspondence. Tami Orr

  6. I used the Malcolm X postage stamp on my postkard because the image on the postcard you sent me was of the Malcolm X postage stamp.

  7. LOL! Thank you! I got black cherry. The scent must be natural. It hasn't made me itch or sneeze, and my nose is dry. :) Such a fun post Dodson, D.. I am especially fond of that big eyeball. FOCUS.

  8. Very berry or watermelon sound very nice :)