Friday, February 15, 2013

A Call to Hearts Pt2.

Ready to see the results??

Over 13000 cards were collected.  To say the results were more than the station expected is an understatement.

Here is the video of the visit.  You can click in the corner of the video to make full screen.  The second video on the player is the "stuffing" party for the cards into bags.

This is a REALLY bad photo..  The video is better.

Again THANK YOU ALL for your help.


Thursday, February 7, 2013

An effort to get organized?

I am "trying" to get my office in some sort of sorted chaos of late.  One of my issues is tracking my in/outgoing mail.  Yea, yea and those pesky monthly reminders I now own a home.

With that, while I was attending this years "what more crap can I bring home" show I sought out a vendor I have been eyeing for YEARS.  This would be the NEAT company.

I don't know if many of you are familiar with their products.  They basically have 2 different types of scanners.

The NEAT Receipt. This unit is self powered (USB) and highly portable.  However only does simplex scanning (one sided).

The other is the NEAT Desk.  This is the one I bought.  See that tray there with the different sizes.  It's setup for letter, receipts and business cards.  It does duplex scanning at 24 pages a minute.  The tray comes out to scan up to 50 pages at a time.

I went with big brother mainly because I really didn't see where I would be hauling a scanner around with me in the first place and I like the sheet/duplex ability.

The real kicker though is the software that comes with it.  I could have bought the software separately, but it only works with a few high end scanners and this was a more economical solution.  The software reads ALL of the data on a page and organizes the documents for you.

Now one of the MAIN reasons I bought this thing is I can now scan all of my mail.  In and out to keep track of conversations AND be able to read them on my iPad when I'm out so I'm not carrying all of the  mail I'm responding to in my bag.  I am always afraid of loosing something (nothing yet and I don't want there to be a first time).

This thing will also handle card stock :)  I can even scan my postcards!

So it arrives tomorrow.  I have 30 days to run it through it's paces and believe me I will..

Let you know how the first weekend goes.. Can't wait to get rid of the other paper in my life.  I need the space to store my letters :)

Now on to fun stuff.  You remember that little thing I wrote about last week?  Crapfest?  Well I have a chance to get back to San Francisco next weekend for another trade show.  IF (big if), I manage to be able to go and gather more crap, I will be adding it to the pile for distribution.  The show is the San Francisco International Gift and Decor Show.  So keep hoping I can afford to get out of town next weekend..


And the Man in Black returns..

Hello I'm Johnny Cash..  Well OK not me but this dude below.

Mr. Cash (sans Nine Inch Nails) will be making his debut on June 6th.  Ooo what fun I will have with this one.  Did some one say giveaway coming??  Hmmm   Anyone...