Monday, April 23, 2012

Of AWOL and Hunting

Just a quick note to let you know I haven't fallen off the edge of the earth (it's round silly).

House hunting (Adventure is out there).  I would never wish this process on my worst enemy.

For those of you who have never had the "pleasure" of house hunting (buying) you are in for a taste delight like no other, or smells delight for that matter.

So with that - update coming this weekend - new mail. 

Kim and I are off to Reno this week for our 10th wedding anniversary. Hopefully in a housing contract :)

Till Next time


Sunday, April 15, 2012

Of Taxes and Winners

So here we are on lovely tax Sunday, April 15th.  Yes I know that it was pushed until Tuesday because it fell on a weekend.  Doesn't make it anymore pleasurable.

We are still recovering from that lovely year and a half of out of work time for me.

So with that cheery note.  Bring on the WINNER for the baseball giveaway.

There is one big winner and I have a bunch of the lapel pins that I will be sending out to the folks that actually sent me in letters with baseball memories.

This was a fun contest for me, as I really enjoyed the incoming stories that people wrote about.

So without dragging this our further.  The Winner is..  SHANNAH!! number pull from everyone in the contest.  13 people eligible (out of 80 cards sent, not bad really).

So, what did Shannan win?

20 prestamped cards

A full sheet of one of the 2 stamps below.  The Rube Foster sheet is a .44c and the Take Me Out To the Ball Game sheet is .42c (now why couldn't they make THESE Forever stamps?)

And lastly, the stamp above was also made into a lapel pin and she will get one of those as well.

So here is the BIG question.  I have 4 things in the hopper for future giveaways.  All based on time tables.  As well as when ever the move happens (have I mentioned before house hunting sucks).

1. Something to do with cowboys (this will happen around Sept.) to coincide with the end of the Pony Express.  To include some REALLY cool stuff.  Postcards, book, poster and a bunch of Pony Express stuff.  

I live in Sacramento, the end of the line for the pony express.  During the fall, we have Gold Rush days.  During which, they hold a running of the pony express through town, ending at the Wells Fargo office in Old Sacramento.  I will be getting a whole bunch of mail with the pony express cancellation on them at that time.  

Going to have to make this one interesting as the giveaway is a good one.

2. Halloween.  I'll leave your imagination up for that one.  I have all of the pieces in place for that.

3. Field Notes Brand.  I am a big fan of these little notebooks and have been purchasing them for the past 2 years.  They just came out with a new box set for spring and I will be sending this out to someone sometime in May/June me thinks.  Still have to put it together with something else and figure what the mailing will be. 

4.  My regular "Box/Tube of Krap/Movie" Giveaways that will be a rolling thing as I purge for the move.

With that, do you guys have anything you would like to see up for grabs.  I'm game :)

Monday, April 9, 2012

Of Zombies, Mail and Housing

Well greetings campers!  It's a great day here at Camp Little Big Mosquito.  Hope everyone got a good nights sleep.

Things here have been rolling along and the house hunting continues.  I can't wait till this is all done as the mileage is killing the bank account.  Driving to homes that are no longer available and unknown until you get back to write an offer.."I'm sorry, we sent you there to see a house that was already off the market because we could".  Is it still illegal to shoot people?

Until the housing situation settles, I may be a bit slow in responding.  I assure you though if you write, I WILL write back.  Campers honor.

So with that on to MAIL CALL!!..  No Johnny, you still haven't gotten anything from your mom!

First up DODSON, D!!

From Ms Patty (who emerges from the ashes like the recycling phoenix) , who reminds us to never totally throw out that junk mail.  And SEE.. I was Pre-Selected! cause I'm special..

DODSON, D !!.. Another..  Stop whining you'll get something janice.

This is from a new sender Ms Marie, this is one of her drawings which was also on the letter she sent me. Quite nice.  She wants a hand made postcard from me.  So let it be written, so let it be done!  See how I worked in that whole ten commandments thing.. Subtle huh?

This one comes from Elle (mental).  I wish I could show you the other side.  Alas it did not fair well in the mail.  There must have been some rain somewhere (it's all Limners fault).

DODSON, D!!  (I'm starting to make the other kids kinda mad)
This one comes from Lainey.  It's my first card from Jamaica (she sent 2).  Both cards were very scenic and both with Mr. Marley on them but different stamps.  I'll post the other card next time.

DODSON, D!  STOP IT.  He has people that like him.  Maybe if you stopped putting worms in the girls sleeping bags.

From Ms. Rebecca in London (GMD) another notebook/paper fan.  Working on her reply this week.

DODSON, K (HA Gotcha, thought I was just gonna run it into the ground!)

These next few were for Kaylee, Now how can you go wrong with swimming pigs.  The first thing both she and I thought of was Nanny McPhee Returns.

From The Netherlands (postcrossing).

From Ms. Keli, (GMD) with whom I am sharing a Circle Journal.

From Ms. Juli (GMD).  On a recent trip to the Postal Museum.  From the Titanic and Hindenberg Exhibit.  Going on from March 22, 2012 - January 6, 2014 (You've got time)

From Ms. Sharon.  Really like the Owney stamp (not cancelled)

From Ms Bean.  And my absolute favorite this round and hanging on my wall from my baseball mailing.  The "card" is a round cut and decorated on both sides.  Came in a clear plastic cd case.  Ms. Bean lives in Reno.  They also have a triple A team there (Reno Aces) that play in the same division as the Sacramento Rivercats (also triple A).  She writes to tell me of the memories she has of watching the Detroit Tigers (MY TEAM!!) play ball with her dad and grandfather.  

Like I said.  Take your kids to the ball park folks.  It is a memory they will NEVER forget.

Well  I hope ya'll had a great zombie day yesterday and don't forget that the drawing for the baseball giveaway is this weekend.  I have to get that out of the way t start on the next one and it's gonna be HUGE..  Hint.  cowboys.  That's all you get till you start seeing the cards coming in.  I "almost" have enough.  Stamps in possession, cards are getting there.

So remember campers.  Keep that mosquito repellent handy and lights out at 10..