Thursday, July 25, 2013

So where did he go??

This is a little note as to where is Waldo.

I had to take a bit of a pause due to medical reasons.  On July 8 I went in for what was supposed to be a minor surgery.  5 hours on the table later, that did not appear to be the case.

So what happened.  In mid May I went to the hospital.  I think Kim was about to wring my neck after my refusal to have an ambulance show up in front of my house and insisted on driving to the fire station up the road.  I was walking around the house in a it of a daze with no apparent direction.  My chest felt a bit tight. Ki had her mother come over to watch Kaylee as we went over the the fire house.

When I got there I told the paramedic what was happening and they took my blood pressure.  200/110.  I looked at him and said "well, there's a cause and effect"  This is where they start pumping me full of nitro pills and Derrick gets a bus ride to the hospital.  Side note - If you already have a headache, Nitro pills will not make it better.

2 days and a battery of tests all come back clean.  BUT, I get this lovely bit of info on the way out.
"Mr. Dodson, everything came back clean but we did see a mass in your abdomen that we would like you to follow up with your Primary Physician".  OK, I'm HERE, IN THE HOSPITAL!!  You found something and you want me to follow up on it?

I hit up my primary the next day.  Ordered a CT with contrast (another fun one) and I get a CD of the scan on the way out to take home.  Souvenirs.  When I get home, I look at the images.  While I'm not a Radiologist, I did stay at a Holiday Inn Express the day before.  That wasn't supposed to be there.  That "mass" that they found was the size of a medium brick.  No kidding.  On to the biopsy round.  This came back cancer free.  The CT however cannot pinpoint the feed point or attachment to/not any other objects.

Surgeon time!  Great guy.  Trust him with my life (literally).  Schedule the date July 8.

Surgery day.  I get there and he decides that he would like an angiogram to find the source of the Nile and plug it as well as get an idea what it is attached to if possible.  It's attatched/feeding from the liver.  At this point all I can think of is the donation scene from The Meaning Of Life.  "May we have your Liver?"  The Surgeon gives me the options and possibilities of what may/could happen.

After the angiogram (not recommended) You can't move your leg.  Why? because the went up through the groin and put a plug there they prefer not to pop out.  So I head up to recovery and within 15 minutes I'm heading to the OR for fun time.  I get in there and inform them that this go round they are going to have to move me to the table.  I'm not exactly what you would call svelte.

I'm on the table and then I'm in my room (MAGIC).  I wake up around 8pm.  I went in around 12pm.

Doc comes in while I'm semi coherent to inform me that all went well, but.  He had to take the tip of my liver, repair a gaping hernia and reroute my plumbing (gastric bypass).  Oops.  Well I guess the svelte thing will be coming whether I want it or not.  Seems the "mass" had attached itself pretty well and this was the best option.  And honestly probably better for my health in the long run.  I have already lost (3 weeks out) 30lbs. My diet though has been basically anything you can mush up.  Healthy choices though right.

Following surgery, I was in the hospital for 4 days.  I was awake MAYBE 1 full hour a day.  This total lack of energy has followed my for the last 2 weeks and I am just now starting to get my strength back to at least get this done.

To those of you I owe some letters to.  Bear with, they are coming.  To a special someone who has sent me some get well letters and cards, you have NO IDEA how much they have meant to me.  I am eternally grateful.

So with that, I am heading back to bed.  The last of the bandages came off yesterday, but I am still weak and sore.  I head back to work next week to half days for a few weeks while I attempt to regain some strength.  Walking, while needed is my enemy right now.  100 yards seems like a marathon at the moment.  This to shall pass.

Writing soon.