Monday, December 5, 2022

Of walks in the rain...

 So, it's holiday time, again..

Just spent a lovely weekend up in the redwoods area of Northern California where they hold a night walk through the redwoods lit by luminaries. (this is leading up to the visitor center)

A wet weekend but in my mind - LOVE IT..  There is nothing like walking through the woods, under the canopy and listening to the rain.  ON our drive back, it was a nice SLOW drive through the Avenue of Giants.

For a few lucky folks that request one.  I have a bunch of stamped postcards from the National Park center while visiting..  

Our next adventure is coming up at the end of the month at one of my favorite locations in Washington State at a Getaway House - No - Phones, Internet, TV a disconnect.  When working IT for a living, a disconnect is needed..

Write soon,   D