Friday, February 14, 2014

Two tings..

First..   Getting ready to head to San Francisco for Ex Postal Facto.  Tomorrow is the day I was looking forward to as we will be in town for another event and Saturday is the vendor evening.

They will be having a special postal cancellation for the event and I will be bringing my postcards in hand to be mailed from the event.

Second. The Valentines Day project at work.  WOW!!  There were over 50,000 cards sent in.  We expanded the deliveries to 4 different associations.  UC Davis Children's Hospital, Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento Children's Home and the Sutter Receiving Home. 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who made this possible.

It all started slowly..

And then they really started coming in.

Which led to this.

What you see in the room is HALF of the received cards.

Again,   THANK YOU!  Without the support of the community at large things like this wouldn't be possible.  Lots of kids were made VERY happy.  There should be video and pics available soon.  Will post when we are done editing.