Friday, September 18, 2015

Write Note Pads (Martha Stewart Finalist)

Ok so Trump is a joke.  Chris Rothe and his notepads are not.  recently coming out with a new (vertical) notepad (think Steno) that I personally have been waiting for.

First - Goto HERE  and like/share/tweet and give a few votes for Chris.  Entries starts  Sept 21.

Next- the new pad, Graph Paper Ledger Notebook, was announced 2 days ago.  I am placing my order today, even having just received my order of new Shenandoah Field Notes and replenishment of Steno pads that I just plow through.

In a comparison on paper :)

Field Notes Steno
80 Pages
70# Bright White

Graph Ledger
120 Pages
Graph paper 3/16" 
70# Paper
Rubber Band
(Bonus) 5-digit code inside grants access to the purchaser to see which inner-city school will benefit from the companion donation notebook

ALL SALES benefit local schools

Had done an interview with Chris that was to be posted on the site.  Things happened, as some of you have read.  Subject so old now that the conversation would seem like a best of rather than an in depth conversation with a really nice guy that has a really interesting history with the family business.  Maybe redo it if Chris is up to it as so many things have changed with his shop, new products etc.

With that, back later folks, slowly the ship turns..