Monday, December 15, 2014

Cards for Addie - Part 2 - American Greetings


It's raining - FINALLY raining in Northern California.. Sit and stay awhile won't ya??

With continued lovely wet stuff, I received a very nice email from American Greeting cards.

"We reached out to Children and the Earth (the organizers of Addie’s request) and came up with a way for people to sign a card that is sent on their behalf at no cost. We’ve created this page  where people can fill out a simple form and then we will print the signatures on Christmas cards that will be sent to Addie and her family."

Click on the picture - It's a BIG link.. (see made it easy and stuff)

So for those of you wanting to really load this little girl up with cards, here is a way that will be of zero cost to you but priceless to a little girl.  It's moments like this that I am thankful for a healthy child.

Please pass this along.


Friday, December 5, 2014

Cards for Addie

It's the holidays. We are all having a good time.  Our families (hoping) are healthy, our kids can take off and play, they run around and get into trouble :)

This is going to be my gift to a little girl in Utah.  My wish is for you folks to help me out.

I caught this story from Tamara Orr on Facebook.

You can read about it below and I have included the link to the story.  The short of it is this.

A little girl named Addie wants a lifetime of Christmas cards THIS YEAR.  Why??  Because she has been given less than a year to live.

So for 49 cents and a card/piece of paper, you can make a little girls wish come true.

Here is the link to the story

Here is the story:

In the quiet town of Fountain Green Utah, the local post office is the heart of the community.
And getting the mail from Box 162 is something that little Addie Fausett literally lives for.

At 6 years old, Addie is starting to count the Christmas cards sent specifically to her, which she can hang on the door.

There is a reason so many people are sending Addie a Christmas card.

“She kind of stopped growing when she was 3,” said Tami Fausett, Addie’s mother.
And slowly since then, the bubbly and energetic little girl who now weighs just 23 pounds continues to struggle.

“She likes to laugh and have a good time and hear stories, but lately she has had a lot of days she will just cry all day long,” Tami Fausett said.

And even with many visits to neurologists at Primary Children’s, Addie’s condition has gone undiagnosed.

“Cerebral atrophy is just a symptom of what is wrong, but she is still undiagnosed,” Tami Fausett said.

The deteriorating condition of her brain resulted last month in a devastating prognosis.
“They told us she probably won’t last much longer and they told us roughly a year,” Tami Fausett said.

Now, with the prospect that this will be Addie’s last Christmas, her grandparents thought it would be nice for Addie to receive a lifetime of Christmas cards this year.

“She doesn’t get to play with kids, so we thought if everyone would send her a card, we could tell all her friends it would make her Christmas a little bit better,” Tami Fausett said.

With the help of her older sisters, Shayley and Audree — who hang up the cards — cards for Addie and her sisters are pouring in from family, friends, and as word spreads on social media, even strangers.

“(We’re) hoping to get a lot so we can cover all the walls with them, for Addie,” Tami Fausett said.
Back at the post office, if this smile on the other side of Box 162 won’t warm your heart, Addie’s Christmas wish for us all certainly will.

“Merry Christmas!” Addie exclaimed.

If you would like to send Addie and her sisters a card, you can mail it to Addie Fausett Box 162, Fountain Green, UT 84632.

Friday, November 7, 2014

It's FPD!!

Go Write Something! or better yet, something to someone.  They will appreciate it even more.

Thursday, November 6, 2014

Free Stuff (giveaways) from Pen Chalet..

 Fountain Pen Day 2014

To celebrate Fountain Pen Day, Pen Chalet is offering the following:

Special coupon on Fountain Pen Day for use on ALL items. Check back on Friday, November 7th, 2014 for the coupon.

Special discounts on select items. We will have special discounted pricing on select pens and inks for one day only. Check back on Fountain Pen Day, Friday, November 7th 2014. Enter your email in our "Special Offers" at the top of this page or enter the giveaway to the right to receive notification of the Fountain Pen Day Deals. 

Great Giveaways! Freebies in each order while supplies last and Pen Chalet is giving away the following(enter to win on the right):

Freebies for Fountain Pen Day:
Fountain Pen Day FreebiesSome of the items we will be giving away with each order include Fountain Pen Day bookmarks, stickers and pins.

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Where is Derrick and Life changes..

For those of you who are wondering "Where is Waldo?" wonder no more.  I'm still here.  Kind of.

There are moments in life that are, well, life altering.  One of those happened to me in late August this year.  For me, and the family a personal tragedy.  Life will never be the same because of the actions of one person.

I have written to a few of you as a vent and appreciate the welcoming ear and understanding you have provided.  There are some I desperately want to write to and explain but feel I might upset or anger them and don't know how to handle the situation.

Basically this is what happened in a nutshell and why I've been a bit absent from the scene as it were.

Drunk driving (not me - I DO NOT DRINK).  It involved a hit and run and an attempt at picking up Kaylee at school in that state.

There are many things I can tolerate from others Alcoholism and involvement of Kaylee is NOT one of them.  To boot, this person went drinking and driving on the day of their court date.  Again drinking to the point of blackout and cannot remember doing it.

To those of you who know me through my words and to those of you who may be reading my words for the very first time.  PLEASE.. don't drink and drive.  Don't drink around children.  If you need help get it.  Talk to SOMEONE!  Anyone!  If someone says you need help, GET IT!  You may be in denial but the people around see the things you don't and what you do to those around you.

If you're depressed, GET HELP!  If you are unhappy, find out what it is and fix it.  Remember that when someone asks if you want to talk about it, they obviously see there is a problem even when you think you are hiding it.  We see it.  We can't help you if you don't want the help.  Eventually these things will catch up to you and destroy all of what you have built and cherished around you.

If you receive a letter from me and I happen to bring any of this up.  Please remember that I mean no disrespect to you and am just looking for a vent/sympathetic ear and is appreciated more than you know.

Thanks for reading.  Not gone.  Just slowing up a bit for life's adjustments..


Monday, August 11, 2014

Lamy Safari Starter set Giveaway (Pen Chalet)

The folks over at The Pen Chalet are having a giveaway of a Lamy setup.

From their site "Enter to Win a Lamy Safari, a Bottle of Lamy Ink, & a Lamy LZ24 Converter from Pen Chalet! This is the perfect starter kit or just fun to have if you are a fountain pen addict. The Lamy Safari is a great fountain pen and who wouldn’t want to win one right?"

So if you would like a chance to win a fairly nice setup go check em out.  I have (crossed fingers)..


Saturday, July 26, 2014

It's that time of year again (or REALLY close to it)

It's that time of year when those of us who have them, start preparing our spawn for back to school.

This year the Dodson household has decided to up our game a little bit and dive into the fray with a bit of a bonus for a few kids we know as well as some school teacher that could use a little help in the supply dept.

Here is request to all of my readers and to other writing blogs.  DONATE to your local elementary school!

I found excellent deals at our local Staples that I could not find anywhere else.  We have decided to outfit 1 classroom with 30 students. 

Here was the shopping list we went a little bit overboard with, but will give you an idea of how cheap you can do this for.

ALL items can be purchased up to 30 packs of each item before the prices go up.  Want to save ANOTHER 25%  buy a cheap backpack.  This worked well for us as we setup 2 kids with backpacks as well and knocked even more off the final tab.

Glue sticks - 4 pack - $1.25  8 packs = $10
Crayola Crayons 24 - $0.50   30 packs = $15
Pencils - 12/pk  $0.68  10 packs = $6.80  (4 pencils per student)
Comp notebooks (wide ruled)  $0.50
Crayola markers
wood rulers $0.25

Binder paper (120 sheets-wide ruled) $0.82
One subject notebooks - $0.17

Now I don't know about you folks, but I have stock piled up on a lot of this stuff just for Kaylee to have on hand for the year.  Great for summer tear through art/drawing projects (she has burned through 2 notebooks since last week).  For a notebook costing us 17 cents - GO FOR IT.

Here is the link to the "less list" STAPLES CHEAP SCHOOL SUPPLIES

So there you have it folks.  Please support your teachers.  Support your schools.  Support the kids who's families don't have it as good off as you might have it now. 

I our case I worked a concert at work that gave us some overtime dollars.  We put it out for this project.  Please pass this on.  The student that has the basics to learn will thank you.


Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Review: Pilot Knight fountain Pen

Well, this is a first for me.  I was sent a pen from The Pen Chalet and asked to do a review.

First things first.  The pen was sent to me free of charge and no monies changed hands.  Now the person who sent me the pen (Ron) said he has perused my little hole in the internet a few times and wondered if I would have a go at the pen.  Sure..  Who doesn't like playing with some new toys.

So with that here we go.

The packaging is inviting.  This is a (retail) $48 pen  currently priced at $24.  For a $48 pen I expect a certain level of packaging care.  I don't expect a "shove it in a box" $20 pen.  The box is a faux leather (pleather??) spring hinge.

Guessing they use this for the pen/pencil sets as well as there are 3 placement spots.

On lifting the tray you will find the care instructions and a cartridge.  This pen also used a "squeeze" type converter.  Think inner tube with a metal bracket.

Still working on the photo thing.. 

The nib I found interesting.  This is the first Japanese pen I have ever had and was warned from other that the nibs ran finer than other makers.  They were right. And in a happy way for me.  I like fine -> Extra fine nibs.  What was sent to me was a "medium" nib, but to me this would have been a fine in a Kaweco.

My meager attempt at a writing sample.  These are using the same ink.  The Kaweco is using a cart and the Pilot is using the bottle version.  Notice the line is almost identical.

I will say this.  The Pilot flows REALLY NICE.  No skip, hop or jump right out of the box.  The weight of the pen is pretty close to my TWSBI pens with a cap posted though I don't really write with the cap on the TWSBI.  The Pilot Knight feels nice in my hand and really comfy without the cap.

The pen build quality is something I would figure from Pilot.  Although i have never used anything other than the ballpoints.  Check out the spring on the cap.  You can see the hinging and it is nice and tight.  This thing is not going to fly out of your pocket.

In comparison to some of my regular use pens..

I would have no problem hauling this thing around along with my Retrakt from Karas.

Bottom line, would I buy this?  Yup.  For $24 bucks you can't go wrong.  I would and will probably be ordering one from The Pen Chalet to throw in my laptop bag for an everyday carry.  It's built like a tank.  The cap has a great "Snap" to it.  Won't worry about dent scratch and it's right in line with the Kaweco pricing with in my opinion a better nib with a converter included.

On a side note The Pen Chalet is doing an ink giveaway for some Sailor Jentle Ink.

So there ya have it folks.  My first pen review.  I am going to be doing a review on a few notebooks that were sent to me in the next few weeks and will be giving a few away.  Stay tuned.


Wednesday, June 25, 2014

It's only a flesh wound..

No, I'm not dead yet.  Just REALLY busy.

A few of you know I was involved in a fender bender last year when someone texting decided that was more important than stopping and tagged me in the rear at 35 mph.  Her car didn't fair well.  My truck was for the most part untouched as she caught my trailer hitch and scooped up under me.  ME though not so good.  This is some of the reason for the lack of both posting and sadly writing.  I have been unable to sit and write for more than 10 min at a time before my neck pain becomes just unbearable.

Two weeks ago I received some injections in my neck.  I figure 60% of the problem has been dealt with.  Follow up with the doc tomorrow where we will figure out the other 40%.

The rest of this lack of  writing comes down to WORK.. It is concert season and that is keeping me hopping.  Being the IT manager, I get hauled in many directions.  We just upgraded/replaced our aged automation system at work and now I am repurposing the old servers and workstations that made up the old system to good use throughout the building.  This is making some people VERY happy.

This is giving me a chance to build a replacement server at home as well.  Anyone else want to learn Server 2012 with me :)

So bear with folks.. I'm not going anywhere.  Just a slight pause for life.  Get some kinks worked out and get the wheels turning a bit more..

Thanks for the patience.


Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Kickstarter - A Memory Between Us - A postcard kit when you travel

Found this today while hunting Kickstarter.

A Memory Between Us.  A postcard kit when you travel.

This is just a neat idea and right up our alley..  The package is nicely put together.

Here are a few samples of the cards..

What is A Memory Between Us?

This postcard kit contains two sets of postcards, each of which is composed of 12 postcards with diverse prompts and designs. One set is for you to fill out and the other one is for your travel companion to do the same. The postcards in the two sets have the same template but by recording and capturing what each saw and felt separately, different content is generated, creating a unique opportunity to share both people’s thoughts and perspectives with each other.
In addition, using the advantage of postcards, you can capture what you feel, see, eat, and hear and send them via mail to friends or family. The prompts on each postcard are evocative enough to stir the imagination, but leave plenty of free space for your own interpretation.

If you have a chance - Check it out.  There are 9 more funding days left!!


Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The new Phone Book is Here.. The New Phone...

Guess what showed up today!!

I really like the paper inside of them.  The America the Beautiful run they did last year was one of my favorites for the paper quality and they brought it back for the Shelterwood edition.

The feel of the covers is what I expected.  You are holding a piece of veneer in your hand.  After the bonding with the kraft under layer they are nice and sturdy.  With what I'm calling the "White Wash"
paint job on the front and the SMELL of the wood..  Yup I'm all good with this set. 

Remember, EVERY book is unique.  The "burling" and grain on each book is a one off. I have made sure I will not run out of these for a long time to come.  Now I just have to keep Martha from chewing on these.  Nothing like a retriever and wood to go after.  

So how do I give some of these out..  I'm in a few swaps on Swap-Bot for the Un-Journaling swaps every month, so these will be used for those.

Hmmm... Going to have to thunk a bit on this one.  Suggestions from the audience.  You know how this usually goes, so you guys come up with some ideas.


Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shelterwood.. Or my LOVE for wood..

The “Shelterwood” Edition for Spring 2014

I Love wood.  Growing up with a family of loggers, I have lots of wood products
in my home (not counting the structure).  When I saw the new products coming out from FN this go round I got all giddy.  They look BEAUTIFUL!  The other bonus for me is the paper they chose for this edition.  It's the same paper that was used in the America the Beautiful edition.  Nice thick paper.

Here is a short film on how they made this edition.

This to me is the most ambitious project for them to date.  The fact that no two books are the same is a bonus to me.

This is from their site.

We all know that paper is made from wood. Our 22nd FIELD NOTES COLORS seasonal release is made OF wood. The “Shelterwood” edition features covers made from actual American Cherry wood, sliced ever-so-thin and bonded to a substrate of kraft paper for durability. We believe we’re the first notebook company to manufacture such a product at such a scale.

Thanks to the natural texture of the wood, no two “Shelterwood” memo books are the same but all share their origin in the same few hand-picked cherry trees from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The wood covers are sustainably produced, with one 60″ wide log converted into 5000 feet of “Sheer Veneer,” with very little waste (the waste is recycled into wood pellets to heat the factory!). The process can be seen in the film above.

The covers are left uncoated with text printed in a triple-hit of “Ghostflower White” which remains slightly opaque, the wood texture showing through like a faded whitewashed fence. Inside covers are mossy green text on kraft paper. The guts of the books are Finch Fine “Soft White” 70# text stock, the same beefy stock you loved in our “America the Beautiful” Edition. They’re ruled in “Maidenhair Green,” and bound together with three sturdy gold staples.

I have placed a large order for these books and will be giving away 2 packs when I get them in (should be next week) and will think up something fun for these.  Think.. Wood :)


Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Crap Fest 2014

That's right.  It's that time of year for CRAP FEST.

This is where I unload some of the crap I have laying around the office to unsuspecting readers of  the blog.

I have pencils, keychains, sticker sheets, stick pads (post-its), movies.

This is all Promotional materials that are left over at work.  So if you want some crap.  Leave a comment below.  No fancy rules, no you must send in a postcard with Stalin doing a headstand while drinking water while wearing a Cheap Trick T-shirt, nothin..

These will be items I can fit in a small envelope to keep some of the costs down and US only folks (sorry, not made of money.. contrary to what Kim thinks)

So y'all want some Crap...  Email your address to crapfest {at} istillwrite {dot} com (yes I made the address for this giveaway) and an envelope full of promo crap will be headed your way.


Update: Crap fest is now over.  All packages will be headed out this weekend 3/29 to this rounds recipients. 

Friday, February 14, 2014

Two tings..

First..   Getting ready to head to San Francisco for Ex Postal Facto.  Tomorrow is the day I was looking forward to as we will be in town for another event and Saturday is the vendor evening.

They will be having a special postal cancellation for the event and I will be bringing my postcards in hand to be mailed from the event.

Second. The Valentines Day project at work.  WOW!!  There were over 50,000 cards sent in.  We expanded the deliveries to 4 different associations.  UC Davis Children's Hospital, Sutter Memorial Hospital, Sacramento Children's Home and the Sutter Receiving Home. 

Thanks to ALL OF YOU who made this possible.

It all started slowly..

And then they really started coming in.

Which led to this.

What you see in the room is HALF of the received cards.

Again,   THANK YOU!  Without the support of the community at large things like this wouldn't be possible.  Lots of kids were made VERY happy.  There should be video and pics available soon.  Will post when we are done editing.


Sunday, January 26, 2014 and some fun stuff..

During the recent handwriting week.  I had a swap that involved utilizing a dip pen.  While I gave a set away last month, I had never broken out the set I bought for Kim and made use of it.  Here was my chance.

Made some interesting observations.  Nibs can be ALL OVER THE PLACE.  The sizes, reactions feel are totally different than that of the regular fountain pens I have been using.  I also noticed that "hey, the ink runs out a lot".  Herein lies the DUH moment of writing a 5 page letter with something you have to continually be dipping into a bottle of ink.  I only have 3 bottles on have and 8 nibs and I went through all of them.

This now has me interested in furthering my use of the dip/scratch method as I have been referring to it.

While checking this out I was looking into bettering my handwriting.  Some say it's nice, but like most we are our own worst critics.  I can do better and want to.  So searching commenced and I found - The International Association of Master Penman, Engrossers and Teachers of Handwriting.  Here you will find almost everything you could think of in regards to penmanship.

What I found really interesting though was a collection of vintage publications.  One being The Penman's Art Journal.  There are some really interesting articles that pertain to penmanship and letter writing, the teaching of writing in schools (arguments back in the late 1800's).

I plucked one out to let you folks read.  Typed it out so you could read it (time to pull out the glasses).

 The article is about how heads of state are plagued with letters in copious amounts and how they deal with them.  Remember this is from 1879  President Hayes is in office.  Apparently there is a man from Vermont who would like to join the President's family in their home.

Letter Writing, How it may Become a Plague and a Nuisance.

The most bored of all letter receivers - The President of the united states and his correspondents.

Heads of States are not by any means exempt  from one of the plagues by which ordinary mortals are in the present day so much tormented.  Letters are delivered in the most exalted places.  Indeed, the postman knocks much more frequently at palaces than at the cottages of the poor.  In a trustworthy French chronicle of the German occupation of Versailles it it set forth that one of the daily tasks of the King of Prussia consisted in reading and annotating the numerous letters of entreaty, remonstrance, reproach and often of insult directed to him from all parts of invaded France.  In one epistle from Strasburg he was styled “Sire Rombenduer,”  aud was threatened with divine vengeance for having caused so many fine buildings and so many unfortunate inhabitants in the capital of Alsace to be destroyed by the fire of artillery.  In a communication of a more argumentative character he was asked why, after declaring that he made war against the Emperor Napoleon, he still persisted in making war when Napoleon had fallen into his hands as a prisoner an inquiry which his Majesty answered by writing on the margin of the letter, “Je Ne L’ai jamais fit.”  A third correspondent, better acquainted with the English language than with the rides of politeness, describes the venerable monarch on the superscription of his envelopes as “Old rascal.”  What was most astonishing in the matter was not that so many letters were forwarded to the Prussian King as that he should have taken the trouble to read them, and even to note down so many of them materials for a reply.  But for one who possesses a genius for work no sort of labor that lies within the sphere of his duty is took insignificant; and the Emperor William is by no means the only ruler who makes a point not only of reading all the letters addressed to him, but in many cases of answering them.

A country of correspondence.

There are hut few if any countries in which more letters are posted than in the United States of America: and it is asserted by a Washington journal, which is in all probability well informed on the subject, that the President of the United States “receives more letters a day than any other individual in the nation.”  Every mail brings him a large batch.  The letters too, are upon every conceivable subject.  The published extracts from the correspondence addressed from various parts of France to the Emperor Williams at Versailles seem to show that no one wrote to the chief of the Prussian armies on any subject but that which was, as a matter of course, occupying at the moment the heart of every Frenchman.  The writers however, who pester President Hayes with their effusions are far from confining themselves to any one topic.  Invitations, criticisms on State policy, theories of government, requests for pecuniary aid, petitions for office, good wishes and sound advice find expression in the innumerable missives received daily by the head of the American republic.  Many innocent minded persons send their photographs and a few of the photograph senders do not content themselves with enclosing their own counterfeit presentment,” but wish to know what the President thinks of the likeness.  Others are troubled with second thoughts. and, posting the first photographic impression, write in haste to beg that it may be placed in the President’s album by a more successful prig, which is duly transmitted.  A gentleman from Vermont, whose werits, as set forth by himself, consist in his having lived seventy-four years, during which lengthened period “he has worked hard and zealously cherished the public welfare,” wrote some time since to the President, informing him of a desire he had ling entertained, and now proposed to gratify, of taking up his residence in the midst of the Presidential family.  Having arrived in Washington, he had now, he observed, an opportunity for carrying out his cherished design, “unless some unusual Providence prevented.  Providence, in the shape of foresight, as exercised by the wise President, did naturally prevent.  In vain did the gentleman from Vermont protest that he was a “strictly temperate man,” and that he “entertained great aversion to the hotels.”  In vain did he plead that his object is pressing his request was not economy, but a sincere wish to express to the President, in friendly and personal intercourse, the admiration he felt for the course of conduct he had hitherto pursued.  Thackeray has somewhere said that the surest way of obtaining no invitation is to “ask to be asked.”  But this simple stratagem failed in the case of the Vermonter.  The President remained deaf to his appeal, though he was assured that it proceeded from an “unknown but patriotic citizen,” who would come directly alone, and who was convinced that he could not anywhere else feel “so much at home.”

A London Letter Writer.

Nor is the President troubled by American correspondence alone.  Letters reach him constantly from the other side of the Atlantic, and especially from England.  One of the President’s correspondents, who it it gratifying to hear, signs himself “A Londoner,” calls upon the President, as coif of a “free and humane” government, to issue a proclamation prohibiting under penalty of death the “killing of any of the feathered tribe any dog, or even a rat or a mouse.”  The President ’s London correspondent is apparently as anti-vivisectionist of extreme views.  At first sight he might betaken for a vegetarian. But vegetarianism is opposed above all to the slaughter of cattle; whereas the daring reformer who would make the shooting of partridges a hanging matter, and for every mouse slaughtered would take the life of a man, restricts his sympathy to birds, dogs and the commoner sorts of vermin.  He forgets, however, that the consequences of not, for a time, being killed might in the end prose very injurious, to the protected ones themselves.  A reaction against the movement for allowing birds, dogs, rats and mice to exist unharmed would ultimately set in, and there would be a considerable chance, not, perhaps, that birds or even dogs, but at least the rats and mice would in some summary and comprehensive manner be exterminated: for if animals were no longer destroyed they would multiply to such a point that life would be rendered impossible to human beings.  Long, however, before the state of things could arrive the Londoner and his theories would have disappeared from the world, and meanwhile the unfortunate President of the United States will continue, no doubt, to receive from his indefatigable correspondent suggestions for sacrificing, in accordance with the true fundamental principles of vegetarians and of anti-vivisectionists, man to animals.

That request for pecuniary aid reach the President in large numbers can really
be believed.  But applications of this kind from “unknown but patriotic citizens,” may in most cases be left, without impropriety, unanswered.  The letters chiefly to be dreaded are those which must really in some form or other be replied to; and the President of the United States is not the only person who must feel that the task of reading and answering letters is one which is becoming so severe that in its present shape it can no longer be borne.  The evil, it it true, tends in some measure to remedy itself.  Letters, as they have become more numerous, have at the same time become much shorted than of old.  If a man of business were to answer letters at such length as would at one time have been expected, he would find himself occupied exclusively in letter writing, and would be unable to attend to the subject matter of his correspondence.  With the gradual diminution in the length of letters has taken place.  It is true that idle persons, whom the cost of postage formerly prevented from indulging to frequently in useless correspondence, are now no longer kept back by ignoble fear of expense.  But such letter writers are flourished in the days of Richardson, when the interminable epistles of Clarissa Harlowe and her friend Miss Howe we not thought unreasonably long, are happily no longer to be found; while a Lovelace is at the present day, instead of covering several pages of note paper with ardent protestations, would send telegrams, and profiting by our improved means of communication, visit the object of his pursuit in person.  The introduction of telegraphy has had an important indirect effect in simplifying and shortening correspondence.  It has led to the replacement of long and formal letters by short, informal and sometimes rather abrupt communications in “memorandum” form.  The plague of letter writing, too, has lost some of its virulence through the gradual adoption of post-cards in lieu of letters, and the President of the United States might get rid of some portion, at least, of the burden of letter writing now weighing upon him if he were to make it a rule to answer no correspondents but such as are addressed him in telegrams, and to reply to these by post card alone.  —Pall Mall Gazette.

Thursday, January 23, 2014

They are starting to come in :)

Thursday, January 9, 2014

Valentines Day and a call to arms..

Last year I asked for your help with a charity we do here at work.  and last year you all came out in force with a short window.

This year we have more advanced notice and we are hoping to double what we did last year.

Here is the information:

Valentine's Day Cards for Kids

PLEASE get this out to as many people as possible.  Here is a link to the video from last years drop to the U C Davis Children's hospital.

Prep video for visit

Visiting the hospital for drop-off

Here is some information on the hospital

Please comment below if you are able to send. Last year we topped over 13,000 cards.  Thanks to everyone who is able to help out in this GREAT project.