Monday, March 10, 2014

Spring Crap Fest 2014

That's right.  It's that time of year for CRAP FEST.

This is where I unload some of the crap I have laying around the office to unsuspecting readers of  the blog.

I have pencils, keychains, sticker sheets, stick pads (post-its), movies.

This is all Promotional materials that are left over at work.  So if you want some crap.  Leave a comment below.  No fancy rules, no you must send in a postcard with Stalin doing a headstand while drinking water while wearing a Cheap Trick T-shirt, nothin..

These will be items I can fit in a small envelope to keep some of the costs down and US only folks (sorry, not made of money.. contrary to what Kim thinks)

So y'all want some Crap...  Email your address to crapfest {at} istillwrite {dot} com (yes I made the address for this giveaway) and an envelope full of promo crap will be headed your way.


Update: Crap fest is now over.  All packages will be headed out this weekend 3/29 to this rounds recipients. 


  1. And I would've finally found a use for that postcard...darn.

    1. I have postcards to send out as well. The folks from the National Postal Museum handed me an entire roll to giveaway.

  2. I'd also love some crap.. lol.

  3. I'll take some crap as well. Emailing you the address.

  4. My crap is crap. Other people's crap is STUFF. I can always use stuff. Please send, friend.

  5. May I have some crap, please, sir? Thank you.