Tuesday, March 25, 2014

The new Phone Book is Here.. The New Phone...

Guess what showed up today!!

I really like the paper inside of them.  The America the Beautiful run they did last year was one of my favorites for the paper quality and they brought it back for the Shelterwood edition.

The feel of the covers is what I expected.  You are holding a piece of veneer in your hand.  After the bonding with the kraft under layer they are nice and sturdy.  With what I'm calling the "White Wash"
paint job on the front and the SMELL of the wood..  Yup I'm all good with this set. 

Remember, EVERY book is unique.  The "burling" and grain on each book is a one off. I have made sure I will not run out of these for a long time to come.  Now I just have to keep Martha from chewing on these.  Nothing like a retriever and wood to go after.  

So how do I give some of these out..  I'm in a few swaps on Swap-Bot for the Un-Journaling swaps every month, so these will be used for those.

Hmmm... Going to have to thunk a bit on this one.  Suggestions from the audience.  You know how this usually goes, so you guys come up with some ideas.


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