Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Shelterwood.. Or my LOVE for wood..

The “Shelterwood” Edition for Spring 2014

I Love wood.  Growing up with a family of loggers, I have lots of wood products
in my home (not counting the structure).  When I saw the new products coming out from FN this go round I got all giddy.  They look BEAUTIFUL!  The other bonus for me is the paper they chose for this edition.  It's the same paper that was used in the America the Beautiful edition.  Nice thick paper.

Here is a short film on how they made this edition.

This to me is the most ambitious project for them to date.  The fact that no two books are the same is a bonus to me.

This is from their site.

We all know that paper is made from wood. Our 22nd FIELD NOTES COLORS seasonal release is made OF wood. The “Shelterwood” edition features covers made from actual American Cherry wood, sliced ever-so-thin and bonded to a substrate of kraft paper for durability. We believe we’re the first notebook company to manufacture such a product at such a scale.

Thanks to the natural texture of the wood, no two “Shelterwood” memo books are the same but all share their origin in the same few hand-picked cherry trees from Northern Illinois and Southern Wisconsin. The wood covers are sustainably produced, with one 60″ wide log converted into 5000 feet of “Sheer Veneer,” with very little waste (the waste is recycled into wood pellets to heat the factory!). The process can be seen in the film above.

The covers are left uncoated with text printed in a triple-hit of “Ghostflower White” which remains slightly opaque, the wood texture showing through like a faded whitewashed fence. Inside covers are mossy green text on kraft paper. The guts of the books are Finch Fine “Soft White” 70# text stock, the same beefy stock you loved in our “America the Beautiful” Edition. They’re ruled in “Maidenhair Green,” and bound together with three sturdy gold staples.

I have placed a large order for these books and will be giving away 2 packs when I get them in (should be next week) and will think up something fun for these.  Think.. Wood :)


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  1. I watched the video and it was fascinating. These notebooks are a real treasure.