Tuesday, August 27, 2013

It's beginning to look a lot like... something

Well hello kiddies,

I'm back at work full time (week two) and feeling much better.  Nice to be able to eat semi real food again.

An interesting thing happened on the way to the gastrointestinal system.  The amounts are amazingly slimmer.  I have learned that certain pasta and corn tortillas are no bueno for meo.  While I have yet to get to the point of what they call "dumping syndrome", I sure have felt things not so wonderful.

Life changes right?  or as I like to call it "Lots of Pain for No Gain".  Catchy huh?

I have gotten to the point to where I will soon HAVE to go shopping for lack of clothing.  Everything is falling off my ass.  Literally!

So mail and writing.  I have managed to get a few out.  One swap and one to a friend.  While the spirit is willing the actual putting my butt in a seat and doing it is lacking as by the time I'm ready to get there, my body is telling me "sleep, it's a good thing".

September is going to be a turn around.  We are getting out this weekend and heading to the coast.  Point Reyes Station and surrounding areas are calling my name.  While it's Labor Day weekend it's also this guys B-Day on Sat. 

So off the the Farmers Market (doing a LOT of this lately).  Be careful watching all of those food documentaries.  They will scare the toxic sugar laden poop right out of you.  Because of the things I have been reading/watching we are now purchasing as much as the budget will allow.  The trip to Point Reyes will be a two-fer.  GOOD meat (beef and chicken) and lots of organic veggies.  Kaylee is getting into it and that's a good thing.  Garden next year.  A bit to late to get that going for this go round.

So how many of you folk grow something edible?  Do you partake in the local foods?  Do you buy seasonally or the garbage they serve up in the produce section of the local supermarket (not judging)?

I also have been procuring goodies for the end of the year (2nd Anniversary) giveaway for the blog.  So far looking good.

More soon.