Saturday, October 12, 2013

Organization and Falling Behind (and forthcoming giveaway info)

So, by now I'm sure you've all read the goings on over here at Casa Dodson.

For a little update, doing well.  lost 85 pounds since this whole process started in June.  Just hit the 3 month post surgery date this week. Feeling MUCH better with more energy.

So what does this have to do with the subject of this post.  LOTS.  When this all started in late may, my mind was very much elsewhere.  As I am coming out of the funk of all of this and getting back to doing things I enjoy.  Like listening to the Tigers game while I write this.  GO TIGERS.

Recently at work, I have been working on some FileMaker work getting my house in order there as well.  I doing that, I started working on a database for my mail as well while I am playing catch-up.

I have tried keeping a paper log.  Always forgot to put the entry in and resorted to "the pile" on need to respond and stuff in a bag to get to.  I keep EVERY letter/postcard I receive.  The goal going forward is to respond to everything within 2 weeks if possible (I'm still on a very strict follow-up schedule with the docs).

So in that vein I have created a database that allows for multiple addresses per person, an extensive note section (single entries dated), website (if they have a blog, you can view from in the database), Google Maps (again from within the database), containers for your/their correspondence (scan and hold in the database).

I would like to know how YOU folks track the in/out going of your correspondence.  I tried the LWA forms.  I have created some very nice log pages of my own (available to ANYONE that wants the file to print for your usage).  When I am DONE tweeking the database I will make it available as well as a stand-alone app to run on your computer.  So if you would like to be a part of a correspondence address/letter/postcard tracker/logger.  Chime in.  Inquiring minds want to know. 

To the folks who have written me and wonder is this guy a flake?  Nope.  Just getting life back in order.  I have everyone's stuff and am slowly working through it.  You may get a PC to start.  If you want a nice long letter respond.  Gotta start somewhere right.

Now to the good stuff. see had to read through the crap to get here.  I am coming up on my second anniversary for this blog.  To celebrate I have been "gathering" some special items for the giveaway(s) that are going to take place in December.

Some of the items are as follows:

Field Notes colors (I have a bunch) America the Beautiful, Tradesman, Lager and Ale
From Kickstarter - The NOCK Co. Pen Cases - I ordered the whole lot.  I will be parting with the ones I cannot find a use for.  The Delivery wil be when I get them.

From Kickstater - Rainbow Pencils

From Kickstater - Kreate-a-lope  (C6 envelopes - for a5 paper both the envi and liner templates)

Kickstarter - The Wrylon Robotics Field Guides (3 books GREAT artwork)

J. Herbin -  Wooden Collectors dip Pen set

J Herbin Box Set - 'A la Perle des Encres'

A truly excellent combination of old world expertise, this gift set is a timeless piece for any writing enthusiast. It is presented in a lovely wood box and contains 1 nib holder, 5 different stainless steel nibs and 1 bottle of ink.
For the traditionalist, the Brause (Made in Germany) Stainless steel nibs are among the world's finest for a dip-pen writing experience. This set has 5 different types - Iserlohn 50, Brause Cito-Fein Iserlohn, Brause No. 361 Iserlohn, Brause No. 85 Iserlohn, Brause No. 65 Iserlohn.
They are complemented by 30ml of Violet J Herbin Ink (Made in France) and a nib holder.


  • CONTENTS: 1 Wood Box / 1 Nib Holder / 1 Bottle of Ink / 5 Nibs
  • SIZE: Box is 245mm x 85mm x 57mm / Nib Holder is 200mm long /Ink Bottle has 30ml
  • MATERIALS: Wood Box / Stainless Steel Nibs
  • SOURCE: Nibs Made in Germany / Box, Ink, Holder Made in France
I am trying to figure out the specifics of the giveaways.  YES you will have to do something per item and if you've ever read my stuff for the giveaways before, there will be tings yous gotta do.  Not just post a reply to the post (that would be way to easy)

So keep an eye out.  good things coming and please post your organizing tips.

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