Friday, January 13, 2012

Capital Paper Show

Well, being new to the letter writing and postcard world, I have been trying to find some decent stationery.  Not an easy task.  Have you had any luck finding a good stationery that can take a fountain pen well?

Now I'm not taking about some nice and pricey Crane here..  Nay nay.  I'm talking about something I could use for everyday correspondence.  So while trolling around the interweb..  I found that in my locality there is going to be a antique paper/postcard show next weekend (Jan 21-22).  While I may not be able to find anything to suit my current dilemma.  I might just find some cool post cards to pass along.


  1. Finding the right stationery has been a task for me as well. My "go to" paper is, believe it or not, a ream of 28lb Staples Laser Photo paper. Every ink I try on the paper performs well, with no bleedthrough and little feathering. Alternatively, I have just purchased a couple pads of Clairefontaine Triomphe paper. It's ranked in the top tier for performance with fountain pens, and runs around 5-6$/50 sheets. The Triomphe paper is very very smooth, though, so if you value a more textured paper, it's not going to be a good fit.

  2. One of my Favorite papers is Doane. But some might think the grid line design not to appealing. I use the smaller pad.

  3. Bet you'll find something. Hope you get enough samples to test and rate. Have you tried DiVOGA? I wrote to Rusty on it and she likes it, too. :) I need to use it again before recommending it, but my Millennium pens seem to be fond of the surface, and I like how the ink sort of marries the paper. More later.