Monday, January 30, 2012

Of Katy and Des Moines

Well I received a few letters today :) and one post card from he Ukraine.

So the post card first..  This one comes to us via Post Crossing.  A lovely lady named  Landsman Olga sent this with a brief history of the city she lives in Kiev.  She informs us that Kiev is home to more than 5 million people and was founded in the year 482 and is situated along one of the biggest rivers in Europe the Dnieper.  (You have all learned something today.. You can now go home)

Other incoming letters.  First one is from a new person to send me a letter.  Toni from Des Moines, Iowa.

Her letter was written on card stock and included a lovely book cover.

Which when open was a nice surprise.

Toni informed me that her family has been in Iowa since before statehood.  That's what I call putting down roots folks.

And last but never least.  Limner.  Who had a lot of questions, to which I provided many answers.  Prepare for a long one Ma'am. (incoming)



  1. Ooh wee man! That little letter flew! Seems like I just mailed it yesterday. You got some good mail, dude. Me, too. :) I like to savor mine before I share. I think I'm um . . . selfish? :(

    Drooling over that map. Ah! Kaylee's on the label. Kaylee's on the label. So's Fire. :)

    Do you have an Archiver's there?

  2. Nope, no Archiver's here. The one big scrapbooking store around here is more of a paper/chipboard kind of place. I did find a fabulous stamping paper source place though. Paper Garden, it's a local boutique. I could spend way to much there, so I try to stay clear if I can.

    The map. I found a great source for maps.. Delorme road atlas' I found a couple at the thrift store for $1.50 per book 36 "usable" pages. Quite the bargain.

    I also had a $25 credit with shutterfly that was about to expire so I though "labels" I need labels..