Friday, January 13, 2012

Of Monsters and Cows

How nice!.  Kaylee got her first postcard addressed to her.  And she loved it!  Actually, we received 2 cards today.

The first from Caitlin, who definitely read my "about me" and picked the Kaylee state card. Caitlin, look for a reply coming soon from Kaylee.

And the second one from Charoltte.  The card meant quite a bit to me personally.  Kaylee is in love with the embellishments.  You made her day.  I had to fight her for the card to scan it.

To everyone that writes in, I promise a response.  Although Kaylee can't write yet, dad will be writing for her.  Let me know if you want a postcard with her art work on it.


1 comment:

  1. How sweet! That Kaylee is a lucky girl. :) Very nice state card, too. Great images.