Monday, January 16, 2012

Of sick little girls

So the rosy cheeked one has been a bit rosier than normal. It all started on Friday with a little cough, then alot of coughing then a large amount of "stuff" in her nose and on to the full blown fever.

To those of us with little ones can I just say this "ISN'T PRESCHOOL A HOOT!".  And now back to our regularly scheduled broadcast.

So while she is sick the puppy is keeping her plenty of company in the bed (thanks Martha) and while going out to check the rabbits we find out that we are plus 6 overnight.  Yea!! and then Kim forgets the most important thing with animals of prey.. DON'T MOVE THEM.  So sadly after 1 day we are now down 6.  We dug the hole, we filled the box, she painted the place marker, placed the box and said good bye. We have a very grown up 4 year old child after 2 weeks of this.

But here is the thing we didn't know about bunnies.. looks like we will be plus something in about 30 days after which time daddy (bunny) is getting clipped.  He was BUSY this morning!

So my question is HOW do you get a sick child to take her medicine?


  1. Oh poor babe. Hope she fells better soon. Um, we told Erin the truth: Medicine will make you well. I hated lying to her, so the truth trumped disrespecting her with with a lie. And she had to take that bitter nasty liquid medicine for asthma. Thass just me. :)

    Poor bunnies, too. I hate it when pets die. Maybe papa rabbit knows the stats on pet longevity in captivity, and does his part to even the odds?

    I gotta tell you: Erin had a bruised kidney once. Someone spanked her in day care and there was blood in her urine. The specialist recommended an exam under anesthesia. Several days later she came running to me crying, "Mommy, mommy I think my kidneys are growing back." She thought they'd been removed. :) We'd forgotten to explain what the procedure. So, when she experienced burning with urination, she thought the worst. Turned out she just needed to drink more water.

    Children are smarter than we think. And they think on things. Too often we don't give them enough credit. You sound like a good dad. :)

    Please, tell her we want her to get well soon, so we hope she will take her medicines.

    1. Believe me when I say - I don't B.S. Kaylee. She is a smart little cookie, but has a stubborn streak of the worst mule you'll ever meet. When she has her mind set, forget it. I tell her straight out. Would you rather cough all night or sleep. She and I have come to a fairly good understanding.

      Take going to preschool in the morning for example. She had mommy wrapped around her finger until daddy made her walk to the truck in her undies (didn't want to get dressed) in 40 degree weather. Now she happily puts on her clothes as the lawn was REALLY cold on her feet.

      Like you said, "Children are smarter than we think" Kaylee at 4 can carry on conversations with most adults and comprehend more than they think. This is probably due to her year and a half with daddy while I was laid off.

      Our standing conversation end with the words "How is this going to end?" and it does.

      She is FINALLY over her cold and out trying to get another. I love this time of year. Everyone indoors, spreading the plague.