Friday, January 27, 2012

Let the mailing begin..

Well I made it back from the Macworld yesterday.  The show over all was pretty good.  Plenty of vendors there. 

Xerox was giving some of these away.  I have 3 to send out.

One of the vendors there, POLK AUDIO had a trampoline set up in the middle of the floor showing off their new sports line of in-ear headphones.

Rogue Amoeba, makers of some of my favorite software gave me one of their mascots.  Not sure if I'm giving this one up.  I like "ammo"

I did come away with some pretty nice items to giveaway or just mail out to some folks.  I have 9 notebooks from the Omni Group these are grid pattern 2 different designs.  HP was giving away these little micro cloth bags (10).

Omni also had these really nice envelopes, a craft type which they claim were for ipad 2 cases.  Ummm..  Yea, I'm not sticking my $800 ipad in a craft paper envelope, but can I have 4 please?

 Then there is the ever present pens.  They are everywhere and I also managed to get ahold of 6 smencils. These are pencils made from recycled newspaper and infused with scents (bubble gum, black cherry, watermelon, etc.)

Pins, plenty enough to draw a quart of blood, and stickers.

So there you have it.  I will start putting some packages together for send outs, some may get a little and some a bunch.  I will also start digging into my old collection and adding to this haul.


  1. SWOON! OMG! Wish I'd been there, but am glad you went. I came to thank you for the amazing gift!!! Thank you 1002 times Derrick! I haven't had a new one of its type since the mid 80s. I didn't know there was a package until I went through the front door to check on the violets. They just left the box behind the brick column to the right of the door--as usual--but no note or anything. It must have been delivered while I was at the postoffice since I didn't hear the doorbell.

    Derrick hug yourself for me. I spent an hour thumbing through and reading. :) Took it with me outside and . . . Oh my goodness. How'd you know I'm the type??? I'll have to tell you about our colostrum first aid kit some day. :)

    Glad you're feeling better. Anything new from Apple you'd care to share? Tell me, tell me, tell me?I can keep a secret. :)

    This is so nice. The only books I have that are this size are about metaphysics. :)

    A proper thank-you note/letter will be mailed on Moanday. I won't show it off until after I've thanked you. :)

    One more time . . . Thank you, dear Derrick. You are such a cool dude.

  2. Well, let's see. I have the notion that you can read a lot about a person by.. well.. reading a lot :) I don't think your to far off from most of the stuff I gravitate to. Glad you liked it. Now DON'T go buying anymore of the series.. Makes for an easy gift :)

  3. Ohohohoh! Swoon! I have the little rubber stick-ons. Going to show them off in another post. Was just looking through my COMPENDIUM and came to say thanks, one more time. :) A letter heading your way on Monday. :)

  4. Wow. Jealous (in a good way) over all of your fantastic finds.

    1. Thanks, this year was actually kind of light in comparison to my usual haul :)

  5. I LOVE any and all SWAG from conferences. I beg my sisters to pick up post it pads or pens from any of their medical conferences (most times they refuse!!). So, I'd LOVE to receive any of pieces of your haul. Next to "dot", "grid" is my favorite paper format. Thanks!!