Tuesday, July 10, 2012

And they're out of the gate!

The cards are on their way. 

158 cards
5 sheets of 29 cent stamps
2 sheets of 85 cent stamps
2 sheets of 1 cent stamps.

The post cards were pre-stamped with 19 cent per.  So to make the 1.05, a single and an 85 worked well.  Wondering how long it will take to get to some of the further reaches.

Cards went out to Brazil, Poland, Germany, Australia, England/UK/Great Britain, Russia, India, Canada and the Philippines for the international portion of the giveaway.


I will eventually be sending out change of address cards when I recover from actually getting in the house.  Of course it had to be 100+ all week with no end in sight to get this done.

I said it before and I'll say it again.  I WILL DIE IN THIS HOUSE.. I am NEVER MOVING AGAIN.  We have learned one really cool thing during the move.  The term I don't want to move this has become the mantra of the day.  The only place those things are moved to is the end of the driveway where the local vultures are circling wondering what we will drop out there next.  We have started to see regulars pop up when we return to make another load.

Remember when I did the "Crap Fest Mailing", think that on a much grander scale.  Instead of office garbage, I'm finding homes for some of my antiques.  Old Pie Safes, shelving (NO, I'm not putting that stuff on the street).

I'm writing this from work because I have yet to put my office back together.  Until I have everything that will go in the room there, I don't want to start setting things up knowing they will be moved.  The book cases are just to heavy when loaded.

Question..   Do any of you folks have hard wood floors.  and if so do you use a moving office chair?

I really don't want to jack up the floors rolling all over it with the chair.  Trying to figure out if I should put down a rug and a office mat on top of that to protect the floors.

So with that, back to the grind tomorrow.  I'm taking the rest of the week off from work the get the move complete.  The temps at 8am in the morning are much better than at 5pm after work.


  1. A rug really helps. We have one of those "plastic mats" (I think that's what you referred to as office mat). There is a big difference in how the floor looks and.
    I hope you're able to get rid of all stuff that's not of use anymore :)
    Take care!

    1. I'm seriously considering the ball. Would be good for the back and just generally fun. I mean how many places can you plop your butt can you pick up and throw at someone.

  2. Good luck with that move. We have been having a similar discussion about chairs and flooring. Currently, we have rolling chairs on old 1940s linoleum, which was in great shape before we put the rolling chairs on it.Now it's worn down to the cork layer and looks awful. It would definitely do damage to a hardwood floor.

    I hate those plastic mats though. It seems like maybe you could get a very thin rug. How do you make it stay down though? I guess you could sit on one of those exercise balls. We are going to get rid of the linoleum, even if it is classic. I'm not sure what we'll replace it with, but we struggled with the same question about rolling chairs.

  3. We have wood floors and most of the rolling chairs have rugs under them, though that makes it more difficult to move the chair. In the places where we don't have a rug (like my brother's room) the wood looks fine, but the chair doesn't get as much use. So I guess it depends on how often you're sitting in the chair and rolling it around.

  4. yay! I received my very cool postcard today! thank you, Derrick!

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  6. Wow! What a surprise to receive your postcard. I have had so much fun receiving and replying to the Good Mail letters. I almost threw the postcard aways since it had slipped into some junk mail catalogues! Thank goodness it fell out as I was throwing the catalogue into the recycle bin. So... now you have me curious about your website and your giveaways. I will write back and am going to do some reading on this site. Thanks for the wonderful surprise.

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  8. I hope you got my postcard. Thanks for yours!