Thursday, July 12, 2012

Rules, rules, rules, rules..

OK, some of you have started receiving the postcards...

But Derrick, what do I do with the amazing old west postcard that you have mailed me?

What does the number mean?

Why is Martha staring at her reflection in the sliding glass door?

Well dear mail recipient/reader/frequent mail buddy.. Reply to the postcard.  With the number.. And she heard something on the other side of the glass door and then became entranced with her own reflection.  Why else would she do that sheesh..

Don't toss the card with the junk mail.  It's not..

The way you were chosen as a recipient of my largest mailing to date was you are either have a posting on Good Mail Day, a reader of this blog, or someone I have been bouncing stuff back and forth with for a while.

I have started moving into the house in earnest this week.  a long and not pleasant process with the lovely triple digit temps here in Sacramento this past week.  When it hits 103 while driving back and forth between houses, you start to contemplate just leaving it and sending the landlord a check for disposal.

I'm probably 3 days from a finish though.  Had to pull my laptop out tonight and get this post done as I should have had this done the night I sent out all of the cards.

I NEED to get this move done soon though.  It has been a whole week and my office is still not setup.  That has NEVER happened before.  Trying to have everything in there before getting it setup.

So with that, here is the final instructions for the giveaway.  I need to go and take something for my aching ankle and rusty knees before tomorrows trial again.

1. Receive post card.
2. Read postcard.
3. Marvel in all it's glory
4. Admire the fine artwork
5. Wonder if you can extract some of my DNA from the back of that stamp. YES I licked every one.  Do these stamps make me loo fat??
6. Reply to the postcard with your number or without, but you must send me something and mention the mailing.  Just lets me know your paying attention.

Address (new.. and the peasants rejoice.. yea)

Derrick Dodson
6325 Matterhorn Drive
Sacramento, CA 95842

All of the items included in the giveaway are on this post A Call for printers and Giveaways

Thanks to all for reading and playing along with me.  Hoping to get back to writing and posting in the next few weeks when I have my room put together and not in pin every night from this moving thing.


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  2. 58
    Got your new mailing address just in time to change it on an outgoing postkard!

  3. Derrick, I got my postcard! Thanks so much for including me- I love the stamps you used! Sending something back!

  4. Hey Derrick,
    received your postcard. What an amazing idea! Hope a lot of people will reply :)
    Take care.

    Card #138

  5. I replied, sans #. Have I won yet? ;) Happy moving... and yeah, I don't find myself feeling any envy.

    1. I have been receiving a good response so far. Got my first international response today. Just remember folks send something, anything and reference the contest. I know who I sent these out to.

      I am working on a cut off date for US/International responses. I figured everyone in the US should have received them within a week of send so maybe Aug 15th for US cutoff. will work on a post for this weekend.

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