Sunday, April 7, 2013

Ooo. Ooo.. Ooo.. SHOW and Tell time..

So here is the first batch of entrants into the Field Notes "America the Beautiful" giveaway.

Some of you were pretty clever (bonus points) in more or less REALLY covering the bases (see travel again..  running the bases..)

Do we remember what this was for?  Hmmm.. anyone.. anyone at all.. Bueller..  You tall kid in the back.

Umm..  notebooks??  Give that man a bathroom pass!!  Yup  you are sending me little pieces of card stock imbued with pictures of traveling site (sight) seeing thingies for some of these..

These are some of my notebooks.  The ones for this round are in the lower right corner.

Don't think he'll make it doc.

See this is where it got fun.  Notice the stamps. follow the theme :)  This is from Aimee.

From Tami in,  hmmm I wonder..

From Mr. Harris who recently returned from a trip.

From Rusty, another double tap. In this case she sent a follow up to notify me she has received her FN subscription and let her entry go to another.  We'll see.  (she can't make me so there :p)

and finally from Mr. O'Brien who had an interesting take on the entry and earned him some points.

When I got this letter, I got it when I saw it.  and thought promptly of the church scene from the Blues Brothers. THE BAND!!, the band?, THE BAND!!

Remember I am giving away 4 sets of books. So keep sending - close for the giveaway is next Monday  (TAX DAY)

Derrick Dodson, 6325 Matterhorn Drive, Sacramento, Ca 95842

Till next time..


  1. Letter writers are one creative bunch!

  2. That California Coast postcard is crazy! I love it. I sent a postcard yesterday. Hope you like it :)

  3. Awesome cards so far, Derrick. I sure hope mine arrives in time! They don't call it snail mail for nothing :D