Thursday, May 9, 2013


So now that Kim has headed out into the wilds of Northern California to "camp" with her mother in an RV for the next few days I can finally post this.  She has no internet out there or spotty at best.

I ordered a letterpress certificate from Two Paper Dolls the folks who by a lucky circumstance have my sense of humor. I found this piece on their Etsy Store. When I came upon ONE WORD (see if you can spot it).

But what I really needed was someone who could really put the Jazz Hands to this to make it something special.  Enter Sarah Hanna.

Now for those of you who remember last Christmas and the letters Sarah did for me (one and two), HOW could I not ask her to put her touch on something like this?  Hmmm?  Hmmm?  That's right I did it!

So off to the wizard they went.  What I got back was more than I could have hoped for.

Might be a bit hard to see on the kraft paper but the ink is gold.

Now here is the most unexpected surprise with my return package.  


So, what cha think?  Will she like em'?  I'm bringing one of them up to her on Saturday to drop of our SPAWN (Kaylee) for the remainder of the weekend to "camp" with the family.  Kaylee couldn't go early because she had (a.) a school field trip we didn't and her to miss (b.) she still has another day of school, (c.) she has t-ball practice on Friday and finally (d.) she has a t-ball game on Saturday and we have taught our child that you follow though with commitments like team sports.

Now for those of you who have never thought of getting a NICE piece paper and having it dolled up for someone special.  Try it.  I can almost promise they will never forget the effort you put into finding the right piece and then the additional effort of having someone with the talent (like Sarah Hanna or any other calligrapher for that matter) to put that special touch on something. 

I went out with Kaylee tonight and bought some frames for the two "awards", one for work and one for home.  One will be put on the wall.  Eventually when we can really afford a quality frame job, I will have the tags put in with it for a proper mount.  

I was joking with Kim last night as we spent another 7 hour stint at the ER.  
Me - "I can make you feel instantly better"
Kim - "How?"
Me - " I have your Mothers Day gift in my bag"
Kim - "Really?"
Me - "I won't tell you what it is, but here is your hint.  It's white and gold and you can use it at work and home at the same time."

Now the look on her face with that little riddle was worth it for me.  Not so much for her but it was then 2am and I really needed a boost.  

Anyway, that's my little post for this evening.  Remember yo mama.  The reason you're still breathing is   something in her was strong enough to not strangle you but punish you later with grandchildren that are JUST LIKE YOU!



  1. Oh, you are a clever one with that clue, Derrick. I wonder what the look will be when the riddle is solved...hmmmmm... It's an awesome Mother's Day present and she will surely love it. :)

    1. We will find out on Sat. I would have gone up with her but the camp ground does not allow dogs and we have 3 large ones. Kaylees school and baseball also pushed that out.

    2. So, what did she think? Was her reaction priceless? Inquiring minds want to know :D.

    3. She LOVED it. was even more impressed that she had one for home and work :)

  2. Beautiful calligraphy and a very thoughtful present! Kudos to you!!

    1. Thank you. How goes your quest to get your invites done?

    2. They are done and delivered. Working on invitations for the bridesmaids luncheon now -- maybe one day I can move on to other things. LOL

  3. That's a wonderful Mother's Day present and the calligraphy is beautiful. Spawn - hahahaha!

    1. It was to funny when I found it. I call her that all the time. Tell people at work "well time to head off and get my spawn"

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