Sunday, December 8, 2013

It's time to order your Santa Letters..

From Sarah Hanna that is. 

Last year, I found out about Sarah from another blog.  Red Letter Day.  Sarah was going to be at one of their Letter Socials that are hosted over at Arch Drafting Supply in San Francisco.

Now I have already ordered my letter for Kaylee.  One which I'm sure will lead to therapy bills later in life.  (contents to be revealed AFTER Christmas - just in case the wife reads this)

Last year I did two letters for Kaylee.  One that was fairly straight forward.  The second, well not so much.  This year I'm doing just one and i would be on the "not so much" side of that equation.

So a little about Master Calligrapher Sarah Hanna (yea I'm doing this because I REALLY like her work.  I pay for my letters like everyone else)

Here is a link to her blog  Now the fun part for me. 

Here is her text on this years run and my take on it.

It is the most wonderful time of the year!

Years ago, I penned letters from Santa Claus to my friends’ children. I filled in personal details that only Santa would know and placed a classic wax seal on the top for authenticity. (Yes, I do expect a bill from their therapists one day.)

Years ago Sarah started sending anonymous letters to her friends kids.  Filled with enough personal details that calls to authorities were made. 


The response to the letters was so great that I am now in my 5th year of creating them for gorgeous bébés all over the world.  The letter will even be offered in French this year – très bien!

Each year, there is a new template with places to personalize names, to encourage the child with something specific, to hint at a Christmas gift, and to verify that Santa knows where they will be on Christmas. (This is a common concern for kids- “How will Santa know that we are going to be playing shuffleboard in Boca with Mimi and Pop-Pop on Christmas Eve?!?”)

Each year Sarah changed the template to keep process servers off her trail attempting to collect for the emotional distressed caused by her letters.  Details were so precise the kids were starting to think that the NSA had cameras and mics all over and were tracking their every move.  That's right Spanky, He's ALWAYS watching you.

Trust me, he knows.

The Elf on the Shelf makes a great letter carrier. I have a client who puts the letter in the mailbox and sprinkles glitter all around it. This photo is of her little one after a trip to the glittered mailbox….pure magic.

While the Elf on the Shelf might seem like a perfect delivery system for your letters.  What your kids are thinking is this is Chucky coming to life.  (See this is what happens when your kids are watching who knows what while you passed out on the couch with the cable remote in reach)

 OK so this is the end of my messing with her.  But on the serious side.  If you've got $20 and want to freak your kid out on Christmas morning. 


Sarah Hanna Calligraphy & Design

19201 Sonoma Highway, No. 357
Sonoma, California 95476

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