Saturday, December 7, 2013

Week 1 (of 5) Giveaway winner.

This will be a photo heavy post so I can make sure I got everyone that has sent in an entry so far.

I will run down the entries as received.  ALL entries are going to go on each week until this is over at the end of the year.   So if you don't win this week I keep your entry and put in the next one.  Okey Dokey.

Alright let's get started with this weeks show and tell.

#1.  From JarieLyn  (diabetes sender :)

#2 - From Hester

#3 From Lisa - Who by this entry cost me another $60 - Thanks LISA :P

#4 - From Tammy

#5 From S. Jane

#6 From Penny (sender of our current cold front)

#7 From Keli (holder of the journal)

#8 From Annie

#9 From Giselle (LIKE this card - folds out into a letter)

#10 From Jamie

#11 From Rusty (good to hear from you again :)  This one made me get out the air can.

#12 From Terry (This was a fun PC).

And our final entry this week #13 From Valerie

Now on to what is going out this week.  At first it was a toss up of the belly button lint I was about to get rid of last week and then thought HEY this would be great for a giveaway.  Then Kim came in and hit me up side the head and said don't think so Sparky (ok not really but sounded good at the time I was writing this).

So I started looking around at the list I have for the run and decided on this.

And a pack of these

and a bunch of other stuff I have laying around that has been accumulating (see this is all a ruse to clear out my office before someone finds me hunched over a keyboard rotting, only to be found when one of my Chessies are found to be constantly be sniffing at my office door wondering where the food is).  So basically what ever will fit into a large envelope.

And my first victim of operation clear my office space is.... Oatmeal can roll please...

Which means Rusty gets the first pile going out.  (and the peasants rejoice... yea).  First one to get that reference gets a 3 pack of Field Notes.  (not kidding - leave a comment)

That's it for this week on the contest.  Look for next weeks winner announcement on Dec 14.  Keep on sending those entries in.  Lots more to go.



  1. Home Improvement? (Though I remember a similar line from Monty Python and the Holy Grail...) :)

    I'm glad my card arrived there safely, though it didn't have too far to go. :D

  2. Replies
    1. DING DING DING. although Valerie did get it (on the second try) specifics folks.

      A set of Ale Field Notes is headed your way.

  3. Glad the card arrived safely! Your contest inspired my to send our 20 more collage cards this year. Happy Holidays! :)

  4. Congratulations, Rusty! You've received a lot of great looking cards there, Derrick. Actually, I said "and the peasants rejoice" as I was filling your card with confetti. *LOL*

  5. I was thinking the Pythons ". . .and there was much rejoicing." Write or rong, I wasn't quick enough.
    * ` * ~~~~````*****"""::;;/././../.,,<<>>+++++&%%%####******^^
    %%% @@ **** @@~~```~~ ((++ ====__-----%&*##^@#%&&*!~``!!2***-++==^^75$$$##@ &
    ^%$ ***** ##### !!!~~~***)_+&&^5
    *()))() (That's supposed to be more confetti!)

  6. Monty Python and the Holy Grail......not sure....

  7. Oh Wow!!! I just saw this! Thanks, Derrick! I thought Valerie had won.

  8. Replies
    1. In fairness I will send a pack to both of you. Tammy actually responded first. When in moderation mode, when "clearing" them for post. It doesn't put them in order received but order cleared for publish.

      However the Home Improvement quote does not count. Although the line in HI was and the peasants rejoice, that was not the quote I asked for. It was "(and the peasants rejoice... yea)"

      Which was from The Holy Grail, your second guess :P

  9. Well someone told me about your blog via snail mail so here I am. And I responded to your Christmas Card challenge. and then I <a href="'>blogged </a>about it. It will go out today